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Action [7.2]

Action is a broad field for what was done as described in the log. Action is usually a secondary function of a command or process. 

This field is not available in LogRhythm versions earlier than 7.2.1.

Data Type




Client Console Full Name


Client Console Short Name


Web Console Tab/Name


Elasticsearch Field Name


Rule Builder Column Name


Regex Pattern


NetMon Name

Not applicable

Field Relationships

  • Command
  • Status
  • Result
  • Response Code
  • Process

Common Applications

  • Firewall
  • Proxy
  • Antivirus
  • Vulnerability scanner

Use Case

  • Recording network traffic accepts, drops, or blocks.
  • Secondary function of a command—for example, PowerShell (process), might issue "AD commandlet" (command), which might have an action of lock out user.
  • Action describes a mechanism. The result describes a state outcome. A firewall action can "pass" traffic. The result might be "success.”  

MPE/Data Masking Manipulations

Not applicable.

Usage Standards

  • Capture more simplistic actions than command might.
  • An Action is what you are trying to initiate via a command.
  • Action, Process, and Command separation:
    • A process is something "running."
    • A command is an operating system command (for example, batch) or a user originated command to a system.
    • The Action is often the "result" of a process or command. The A/V process (Symantec) might have a command of "Run Scan", which could have an Action of Quarantine.
  • In RIM/FIM, the Action would be "read, write, add, delete" or any other common action verb applied to the file or registry key. 


  • FortiGate

02 18 2015 16:13:49 <LOC7:INFO> date=2015-02-18 time=16:13:51 devname=FG22222222222217 devid=FGdfsdfds1111111 logid=1059028704 type=utm subtype=app-ctrl eventtype=app-ctrl-all level=information vd="root" appid=16637 user="" srcip= srcport=57227 dstip= dstport=53 proto=17 service="DNS" sessionid=391322221 applist="APPC Monitor All" appcat="Update" app="Sophos.Update" action=pass msg="Update: Sophos.Update," apprisk=low

In this case, the firewall action is to "pass" the traffic because it is on an approved list.

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