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TrueIdentity Sync Client Release Notes

TrueIdentity Sync Client v.1.3.0

The TrueIdentity Sync Client queries Identity and Access Management (IAM) platforms, such as Active Directory, to create and update TrueIdentities in your LogRhythm deployment. The TrueIdentity Sync Client can be scheduled to run on a continuous basis, automatically creating and updating new TrueIdentities as they appear in your IAM.

TIS 1.3.0 is a general availability release.

Changes and New Features

  • Third party component dependencies for the TrueIdentity Sync Client Service and UI have been updated to reduce the risk of unfixed vulnerabilities manifesting in the application, and users can take advantage of the latest features by component publishers.
  • By default, the TrueIdentity Sync Client now creates Identities in the Global entity and not the Primary Site so that TrueIdentities can be resolved globally.
  • Users can now modify their credentials after creating the Sync Credentials.

  • The following columns have been added in TrueIdentity Sync Client Grid:

    • Next Sync

    • IDs Impacted

    • Sync Status

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