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Modify Job Manager Advanced Properties

Only Global Admins or Restricted Admins with elevated View and Manage privileges can take this action.

Some additional properties are specific to the Job Manager. To set or modify these advanced properties

  1. On the main toolbar, click Deployment Manager.
  2. Click the Platform Manager tab, and then click Properties in the Job Manager Services section.
    The Job Manager Properties dialog box appears.
  3. In the lower left corner, click the Advanced button.
    The Advanced Properties window appears.

  4. Configure properties as described in the following table.

    Make changes to the Advanced Properties with extreme care! LogRhythm recommends that the Data Processor Advanced Properties only be modified with the assistance of LogRhythm Support, or by advanced users who have attended LogRhythm training.

    Engine Group

    The amount of time (in seconds) to check for missing agent heartbeats and silent log sources.

    This property must have a different setting than the Heartbeat Warning Interval property set in Configure Data Processor Properties to avoid unpredictable behavior.

    AE_KBCacheTTL1-6030The number of minutes the knowledge base should be cached for prior to being flushed and rebuilt.
    AE_MaintenanceInterval1-12060The number of seconds between maintenance cycles.
    Main Group
    ADSearchScope_JobManager SubTreeSets the Active Directory search scope used in AD synchronization.
    ADSyncInterval_JobManager1-144060The amount of time, in minutes, between AD synchronizations.
    LDAPTimeout120-1200120The LDAP timeout period, in seconds, for AD queries.
    MaxServiceMemory_JobManager512-640004096Maximum memory allowed for the Job Manager process (in MB).
    Scheduled Reporting Group

    The maximum number of errors that can occur when running a single report package associated with a job. When the limit has been reached, the package is aborted.

    SRE_ProcessingInterval1-30060How often (in seconds) jobs should be evaluated to determine if they should be run.
    SRE_ProcessingWindow1-12060The amount of time (in minutes) that can pass after a job should be run. The processing window is the scheduled time + ProcessingWindow minutes. If the job has not been run within the allowable window, the job will be skipped.
    SRE_QueryCommandTimeout1-10800120The amount of time (in seconds) the process that inserts alarms has to complete before timing out.
    SRE_SafeReportingMemoryPercentage0-10050The percentage of Job Manager service memory that may be safely utilized for report preparation. If service memory usage exceeds this threshold while preparing a report, the report is truncated and the words "(Sample Dataset)" appear in the title page footer.
  5. To save and return to the Job Manager Properties window, click OK, or to save your changes and continue working in the active window, click Apply.
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