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Define AI Engine Linked Data Block Relationships

A Linked Data Block Relationship is similar to a Rule Block Relationship, but only applies the relationship between a Rule Block and an associated Linked Data Block. The relationship always involves linked Group By fields, as with a Rule Block Relationship. Depending on the types of blocks involved, it may also be possible to specify whether a result record is required or optional on each side of the relationship. Linked Data Block Relationships do not involve time, so unlike a Rule Block Relationship, there are no time parameters.

  1. Complete the information on the AI Engine Rule Block Relationship window:

    1. Related Fields. The options in the list are the Group By boxes designated in the rule block. For example, if the Rule Block 1 field is a Sender, then it can only be related to a Recipient in Rule Block 2.

      • To select an option in the first column, click the down-arrow at the end of the field or click Add.
      • To select an option in the last column, click the down-arrow at the end of the field. Only boxes compatible with the first column option will be available.
    2. Related Data Not Observed options (Advanced) . Select whether a data item is required in the Live data (on left) or the Linked data (on right). When not required, absent values are treated as 0/empty in expressions. By default, both Live data and Linked data are disabled. Click the question mark for a detailed explanation of this behavior.

  2. Click OK.
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