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Log Sources Grid

Only Global and Restricted Admins can use this feature.

The log sources grid in the Web Console displays all active and retired log sources. Upon activating or retiring any log sources in the Client Console, they are displayed in the Web Console's log sources grid.

To access the log sources grid, click Administration, and then click Log Sources.

View Active and Retired Log Sources

By default, the grid displays active log sources. To view retired log sources, click the Retired button at the top of the grid.

By default, the grid displays 100 log sources. To load more log sources into the grid, scroll to the bottom. The list expands to add another 100 log sources. Repeat this process as needed until all log sources are shown.

Grid Columns

Column Descriptions

The following columns are visible in the log sources grid. Clicking any column header sorts by that metric.

NameThe name of the log source.
EntityThe Entity assigned to the log source.
Log Source TypeThe log source type assigned to the log source.
Log Source HostThe host for the log source file.
Collection AgentThe System Monitor Agent performing the log collection.
Silent Log Source

Displays Enabled if Silent Log Message Source Settings are enabled for the log source.

For more information on this setting, refer to Add a Single Log Source.

Last Log Message

This column displays the date and time of the most recent log message received for the log source.

If Silent Log Source shows Enabled, a yellow background highlights log sources in a Warning status, and a red background highlights those in Error status, as configured on the Add a Single Log Source topic.

Filter the Grid

Each column can be filtered using the filter options below the column name. There are three filter types in the log sources grid:

Filter TypeDescription
TextType in the field to only display results in the column that contain the entered text.
Drop-listSelect one of the available options from the drop-list to only display results that match the selection.
DateUse the date picker to show log messages that were last received on the date chosen.
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