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Threat Intelligence Service

TIS 1.9.5

The LogRhythm Threat Intelligence Service (TIS) and the LogRhythm Threat Intelligence Module work together to collect and analyze data published by reputable threat data providers to alert users to threats in their environments.

TIS 1.9.5 is a general availability (GA) release.

Release Notes

New Features

  • No features were added in this release.


  • No improvements were added in this release.

Deprecated Features

  • No features were deprecated in this release.

Resolved Issues

Bug IDTicket NumberFound in VersionRelease Notes
DE117023956721.9.3The TIS STIX indicators file now provides all available indicators.
DE117073986701.9.4TIS details are now correctly displayed in the Web Console.
DE117123986691.9.4A Collections URL can now be created that will allow integration with threat feed providers.

419135, 418782


The TIS STIX feed files now parse correctly.

Resolved Issues - Security

Security-related issues resolved with this release are available for customers to view on the Community.

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