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Run Saved Tails

When you run a previously saved Tail, the fields of the Tail Wizard are pre-populated with the saved information. You can edit settings and apply them to this specific search only or save the Tail again on the last page of the wizard to keep the edits.

  1. On the main toolbar, click Tail.
  2. Select Select Saved Tail.
    The saved Tails are listed
  3. Select the Tail you want and click Next.
  4. Continue clicking Next through the Tail Wizard, making any edits needed.
    For more information on the options, see Create New Tails.
  5. (Optional) When you get to the Save Tail Configuration screen, type a new name for the edited search and click Save.
  6. To start the Tail search, click Launch.

When the results grid appears, a screen tip displays a definition of any column heading in the grid when you point to it.

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