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Create a Custom Certificate for the Data Processor

  1. On the machine where you have LogRhythm installed, enter certlm in a command prompt to open the certification manager.
  2.  In the menu on the left, right-click Personal, click All Tasks, and then click Import.
  3. Navigate to the .pfx for the certification you created, and then complete the Certificate Import Wizard to import your custom certificate.
  4. Open the LogRhythm Client Console.
  5. On the main toolbar, click Deployment Manager.
  6. Click the Data Processors tab.
  7. Double-click the Data Processor you want to configure.
  8. In the lower-left corner, click Advanced.
    The Advanced Properties window appears.

  9. In the Name column, search for AIEDPTLSCert.
  10. In the Value column for UseAIEDPTLSCert, select the check box.
  11. In the Value column for AIEDPTLSCertSubject, enter the Common Name (CN) of the certificate.
  12. Click OK and OK again.
  13. Click the AI Engine tab.
  14. At the bottom of the window, click the Servers tab.
  15. Right-click the AI Engine server you want to use the certificate, click Properties, and then click Advanced.
  16. In the Name column, search for AIEComMgrTLSCert.
  17. In the Value column for UseAIEComMgrTLSCert, select the check box.
  18. In the Value column for AIEComMgrTLSCertSubject, enter the Common Name (CN) of the certificate.
  19. Click OK and OK again.
  20. Restart the Mediator and ComMgr for the changes to take effect.
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