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User Privileges in LRCloud

The LogRhythm Cloud product is delivered as a SaaS solution.  LogRhythm hosts the solution and provides operational support for the infrastructure, software, systemic configuration, and availability of the product.  The Global Administrator role in LogRhythm software provides access to areas that can have a major effect on the stability and operations of the platform.  In order to ensure a stable system, LogRhythm's operations team must retain exclusive access to these areas. 

LogRhythm customers are granted all possible permissions under the "Restricted Admin" role in the LogRhythm software.  LogRhythm is committed to delivering the full LogRhythm feature set to all the LogRhythm Cloud customers and any feature gaps can be addressed through a support case.  The LogRhythm Engineering team is driven to bridge any gaps in the software and to roll out feature improvements to LogRhythm Cloud customers at the earliest. 

The list of permissions applied to the LRCloud user profile can be found in the User Permissions section.

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