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Diagnostic Alarms

LogRhythm Diagnostic alarms are not available in LogRhythm Cloud.

Currently, these alarms are only available to the Global Administrator role in the Client Console.

The following alarms come under the LogRhythm Diagnostic Category:

LogRhythm Mediator Database Capacity Error

LogRhythm Mediator Database Capacity Warning

LogRhythm Agent Heartbeat Missed

LogRhythm Component Critical Condition

LogRhythm Component Successive Errors

LogRhythm Component Excessive Warnings

LogRhythm Mediator Heartbeat Missed

LogRhythm MPE Rule Disabled

LogRhythm Silent Log Source Error

LogRhythm Database Maintenance Failure

LogRhythm Failed To Submit Batch Job To DB

LogRhythm Excessive Unprocessed Logs Spooled

LogRhythm Excessive Processed Logs Spooled to Disk

LogRhythm Excessive Events Spooled to Disk

Perfmon Counter Reached Threshold Limit

LogRhythm GLPR Error

LogRhythm AI Engine Heartbeat Missed

LogRhythm AI Comm Manager Heartbeat Missed

LogRhythm CMDB Database Warning

LogRhythm CMDB Stats Warning

LogRhythm CMDB Database Error

LogRhythm Agent Cannot Update

LogRhythm Agent Needs Reboot

LogRhythm Network Monitor Heartbeat Missed

LogRhythm Data Indexer Stopped

LogRhythm Data Indexer Configuration Fail

LogRhythm Data Indexer Suspend

LogRhythm Data Indexer EMDB Sync Fail

LogRhythm Data Indexer Disk Limit Exceeded

LogRhythm Data Indexer Max Index Exceeded

LogRhythm Data Indexer List Not Found

LogRhythm Data Indexer Repo Not Found

LogRhythm Knowledge Base Update Error

LogRhythm Mediator Recycling – Hung MPE Threads

LogRhythm Scheduled Report Failure

Log Source Collection Error

LogRhythm Agent Max Memory Error

LogRhythm Agent Max Memory Warning

Data Indexer Cluster Health Downgrade

Data Indexer Cluster Health Recovery

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