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Retail Cyber Crime Module

Retail cybersecurity is an ever-growing concern. While some breaches involve malware, others involve malicious insider activity or the use of stolen credentials. In the event of any breach, all of these attack vectors leave indicators and forensic evidence of the compromise in their wake.

Because Point of Sale (POS) and back-office systems are so specific in what they do, using LogRhythm to identify unauthorized network communications is crucial. POS endpoints should only be engaged in specific communication, such as with back-office systems or third-party processors. Also, back-office systems should only communicate with other authorized systems. The whitelist functionality in LogRhythm’s Advanced Intelligence (AI) Engine allows for appropriate end-to-end communications to be automatically identified and recorded. When a new type of network communication is observed, such as malware attempting to phone home or a malicious actor attempting to exfiltrate data, security personnel can be immediately notified.

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