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Healthcare Security User Guide – Case Management and Web Console

The Healthcare Security Compliance Automation Suite is structured to easily coalesce with LogRhythm’s Web Console and Case Management. The extensive selection of AI Engine rules allows for simplified dashboard mapping so that widgets can represent AI Engine events in a clear, and concise manner. Widgets and AI Engine rules both allow drill-down functions that can then be sent directly to Case Management cases as “evidence.” Drilldowns stored within Case Management can be utilized for digital reporting purposes and integrated into daily, monthly, and weekly reporting practices.

Since Case Management cases retain data until manually purged, investigations and reports saved as investigations can also be stored in cases for future review. The Healthcare Security Compliance Automation Suite components can also be associated with events that might not otherwise be related to the configuration of the module through the use of the “associate” feature in Case Management. All of this makes Case Management an ideal Incident Response tool that fully supports the Healthcare Security Compliance Automation Suite objects.

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