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Healthcare (OT) Module

The convergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) has resulted in a greater operational technology (OT) landscape for the healthcare sector. IoMT components are often able to streamline workflows, decrease operating expenses, and enhance patient monitoring and care. However, there is a necessity to understand the increased exposure of the OT environment to cybersecurity threats. Given this, visibility and monitoring of network-connected devices is necessary in a healthcare OT environment, where availability, reliability, and operational efficiency are a priority.

In an effort to assist healthcare organizations in actively identifying and mitigating cyber risks within their unique OT environment, the Healthcare (OT) Module consists of a collection of 30 AI Engine rules that alert on events such as critical system shutdowns, door authentications, device firmware and configuration changes, known device software vulnerabilities, default/weak device passwords, new hardware and medical device detections, device software installations/updates, and more. In addition, a Web Console dashboard, designed around monitoring systems, medical devices, and physical access resources is available, and a report is provided to summarize AI Engine rule alarm activity.

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