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DoDI 8500.2 – Lists

The following Log Source Lists should be contained within the Log Source List Manager. The table also gives recommendations for which Technology Association may fall under which DoDI 8500.2 Log Source List Category. Each DoDI 8500.2 compliance relevant log source must be classified into one of the DoDI 8500.2 Log Source Lists.

List DescriptionAssets Included
DoDI 8500.2: Data Loss Prevention SystemsData loss defender
DoDI 8500.2: File Integrity Monitoring SystemsFile integrity monitoring
DoDI 8500.2: Network Access Control SystemsNetwork access control
DoDI 8500.2: Networking and CommunicationsFirewall, Router/switch/hub
DoDI 8500.2: Production ServersServer, Email server, Virtual machine, Voice over internet server
DoDI 8500.2:  Remote Access SystemsDial-up access server, Virtual private network server
DoDI 8500.2: Security SystemsAnit-malware server/agent, Anti-spam, Intrusion detection system, Web content inspection
DoDI 8500.2: Wireless Access PointsWireless Access Point
DoDI 8500.2: WorkstationsWorkstation, Notebook
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