The Help menu allows you to easily view version and licensing information about your NetMon, access NetMon documentation, connect with NetMon users and LogRhythm developers via the LogRhythm Community, or download logs and other information about your system and network.

On the top navigation bar, click the Help  icon to open the drop-down menu.

Select one of the following options:

About NetMonOpens the System Details page and the End User License Agreement.
NetMon Help

Opens the NetMon online Help in a new browser tab.

An internet connection is required to view NetMon online Help.

NetMon ForumOpens the NetMon forum in the LogRhythm Community in a new browser tab.
Download Diagnostics

Downloads a .zip file of collected logs, system information, usage information, network metadata, and payload information regarding the system and current network traffic. To download a .zip file designed to help LogRhythm Support diagnose and troubleshoot issues with a NetMon deployment, click Download Diagnostics Package. It may take several minutes to assemble and download the .zip file through your browser. The .zip file contains the following information:

  • Configuration files
  • Log files
  • Elasticsearch information and health status
  • System and hardware information
  • Network configuration and status
  • Diagnostics statistics in JSON format
  • Scripts/ to convert the diagnostics JSON into .csv files and .png charts