This section describes the features and functions of the Web Management interface for NetMon. You can use this interface to analyze network packet captures, check traffic statistics, view data logs, and change configuration options for the NetMon appliance.

You can launch the Web Management interface in Internet Explorer 11 or the most recent versions of Chrome and Firefox. (For login instructions and first-time setup, see Get Started with NetMon.NetMon uses Kibana to present the data it collects. Kibana is an open-source analytics and visualization platform designed to work with Elasticsearch.

When you first log in to NetMon, the Analyze Dashboard appears. By default, this dashboard shows a histogram and pie chart of the top 10 applications on your network based on total bandwidth for the last 15 minutes, and a table showing the 500 most recent network flows.


The top navigation bar provides access to the main areas of NetMon. From here, you can:

  • Click on a heading in the navigation bar to open another page.
  • Search for specific data using a Lucene query or Kibana Query Language (KQL) query.
  • View the data traffic in charts and graphs.

Clicking on an item from the top navigation bar opens another page or performs a task.

Main Pages in NetMon



Provides access to NetMon's standard and custom dashboards.


Uploads, composes, and manages DPA rules.


Uploads PCAPs for analysis in NetMon.


Provides controls and configuration options for fine-tuning NetMon and configuring packet captures.


Shows real-time statistics of network traffic.


Shows real-time logs for NetMon activities.

Kibana Sidebar


Recently Viewed

Displays your most recent views, dashboards, and visualizations in NetMon.


Loads the NetMon Discover page.


Loads the NetMon Visualize page.


Loads the Analyze Dashboard (default) or the last dashboard you accessed.

Dev Tools

Opens a developer console to run requests in NetMon.


Provides access to advanced configuration settings for NetMon, including indices, index patterns, saved objects, UI settings, and more.

These settings should only be changed by users with advanced knowledge of NetMon.

Other Services on the Top Navigation Bar



Restarts, reboots, or shuts down NetMon. For more information, see Restart Services, Reboot, or Shut Down NetMon

User Options

Signs you out of your NetMon session.


Displays your NetMon license information, and provides access to the NetMon online Help, the LogRhythm Community forum, and the ability to download a diagnostics report. For more information, see Help.

An internet connection is required for NetMon online help and community access.

Some pages include a column of navigation tabs along the left side, which allow you to access another set of fields, charts, or commands.

Filter Configuration Pages

A Filter box appears at the top of many NetMon configuration pages. You can type in this box to quickly filter the number of configuration parameters that are displayed. As you start to type in the filter box, configuration parameters that do not match the filter are hidden. This functionality is useful for finding a specific parameter or pages that contain a large number of configuration options.