NetMon 4.0.3 includes a process to upgrade from version 4.0.1 or 4.0.2. If you are running NetMon 3.6.1–3.9.3, you must first upgrade to version 4.0.1 before continuing the upgrade to 4.0.3.

This upgrade may include several additional configuration steps to ensure that existing dashboards and data are not lost. Follow the instructions in the NetMon 4.0.1 Upgrade Guide.

To upgrade from a version of NetMon prior to 3.6.1, or if you have other questions about the upgrade process, please contact LogRhythm Support.

NetMon 3.6.2 was a critical security update, and all users running older versions of NetMon should upgrade to 3.6.2 or later as soon as possible.