NetMon Appliances

NetMon appliances carry the following specifications:





Internal Storage

Max Storage



1 Gbps


128 (3284) GB

3.6 TB/5.2 TB

30 TB/34 TB

Intel x540 DP (2 x 10-Gb) 10GBASE-T

Intel I350 DP (2 x 1-Gb)


5 Gbps


128 (768) GB

12.5 TB/14.88 TB

40 TB/44 TB

Intel x540 DP (2 x 10-Gb) 10GBASE-T

Intel I350 DP (2 x 1-Gb)

NetMon Appliance Ports

The LR-NM3500 appliance (1 Gbps license) and the LR-NM5500 appliance (5 Gbps license) have four network interfaces. Interface names vary depending on motherboard vendors and the PCI slot in which the network interface card is installed (for example, em1, eno1, enp2s0). The ports on both appliances are identified in Figures 1 and 2.

Figure 1 Network interfaces on the LR-NM3500 appliance

Figure 2 Network interfaces on the LR-NM5500 appliance

Connect the Network Cables

Connect the network cables to the following ports:

  • Port 1 (10 Gbs) is the data management interface. Use this port to connect to the network.
  • Ports 2 (10 Gbs) and 4 (1 Gbs) are the network tap ports. Use one of these ports to connect to the network tap. If you have more than one network tap, both ports can be used.
  • Port 3 (1 Gbs) is the recovery interface. Use this interface with a static IP address to directly connect to NetMon from a laptop or other computer.

    As an option, you can insert an SSL Decrypter between the NetMon appliance and the network.