The LogRhythm Web Console's Search API is a REST API that communicates over HTTPS and uses JSON. The API’s available routes and methods are used primarily for searching the Web Indexer for logs and events. Users can submit a request to the search and interface with the data directly, allowing for integration with third-party applications and custom applications designed for specific business needs.

All API actions are performed on behalf of an API Account that is identified by the API key passed in with each request. To see the current list of Web Console's Search APIs, including request and response samples for Search API, go to https://<hostname>:8501/lr-search-api/docs.

To utilize the API, users must:

While LogRhythm provides the API and usage instructions and supports the API's continued health, LogRhythm is not responsible for the support or configuration of third-party tools and applications designed to interact with our APIs.