The LogRhythm Client Console's Admin API is a REST API that communicates over HTTPS and uses JSON. The API’s available routes and methods are used primarily for performing administrative functions in the Client Console, such as modifying lists, creating entities, adding people to notification groups, and searching identities. 

All API actions are performed on behalf of an API Account that is identified by the API key passed in with each request.

To see the current list of methods and endpoints, including request and response samples, go to https://<PM IP Address>:8501/lr-admin-api/docs or http://localhost:8505/lr-admin-api/docs.

The Admin API does not adhere to the customized, elevated privileges for Restricted Administrators that are granted on the Management Permissions tab of the User Profile Manager. Only standard Restricted Administrator permissions are granted through the API. For more information, see the User Profile Manager topic in the NextGen SIEM Help.

The Log Level for the Admin API is configured in the Configuration Manager.