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Labs modules combine actionable intelligence with advanced analytics to protect your security operations center and your organization from damaging cyberthreats.

Threat Detection

Threat detection modules provide your team with an additional resource for threat research, rule creation, and dashboard configuration. The preconfigured modules deliver AI Engine content, reports and saved searches, dashboards, and SmartResponse actions. LogRhythm Labs’ ongoing in-field and lab-based research ensures your LogRhythm NextGen SIEM analytics evolve as fast as current threats.


Regulatory compliance is a necessary, but often complicated and expensive component of modern business. Keeping up with compliance and reporting requirements may seem like daunting tasks when you’re strapped for security resources. That’s where LogRhythm can help.

Threat Intelligence

Threats are dynamic and attack vectors change constantly. Respond quickly and minimize damage by using the rich external context enabled by threat intelligence. Immediately know about dangerous IP addresses, files, processes, and other risks in your environment.

Additional Modules

The mission of LogRhythm Labs is to rapidly deliver world class security research, analytics, incident response, and threat intelligence services to protect our customers from damaging cyber threats. We empower our customers by combining actionable intelligence with advanced analytics to greatly reduce the mean time to detect and remediate against risks that matter most to them.

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