LogRhythm Enterprise SIEM

To effectively fight threats, you need the right tools. The LogRhythm Enterprise SIEM Platform aligns your team, technology, and processes. It helps you see across your IT environment, identify threats, and quickly mitigate and recover from security incidents.

LogRhythm Release Notes

LogRhythm release notes provide users information regarding new features, deprecated features, improvements, resolved issues, and upgrade considerations for each LogRhythm Enterprise SIEM release.

Get Started with LogRhythm Enterprise

After you install or upgrade your deployment, follow these steps to get started using LogRhythm Enterprise.

Client Console Administrator Guide

Administrators are tasked with performing setup, troubleshooting and general care and maintenance of the LogRhythm system. Administrators will setup Log Sources, User Access, Reporting and system advanced settings. Administrators also work with Analysts to ensure that Advanced Intelligence Engine rules are created and tuned for optimal use.

Client Console Analyst Guide

The LogRhythm Enterprise SIEM platform allows analysts to efficiently capture logs and use advanced analytics to surface known and unknown threats, all while automating manual tasks with embedded security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) capabilities.

Web Console User Guide

The LogRhythm Web Console allows you to monitor network log activity from supported browsers on desktop computers and laptops.

LogRhythm Schema Dictionary and Guide

This schema guide contains descriptions of every field, including the intent for the field, guidance for how to parse data into the field, use cases for each field, and sample logs showing correct, incorrect, and ambiguous examples.

Other LogRhythm Applications

LogRhythm applications allow you to maintain the integrity of shared information distributed between LogRhythm and other external data sources, as well as automate the exchange and synchronize configuration data to enhance administrative functions, as well as extend monitoring and analysis functions.

Understand the LogRhythm Architecture

LogRhythm has been designed with a highly flexible modular architecture. Each key LogRhythm function exists in a separate software program, or service.

Find More Information

The information found on this site is accurate for the most current release of LogRhythm.

Download PDFs

This section provides downloadable PDFs of LogRhythm 7.12.0 documentation.