Supported Log Messages

(List of LR Tags used to parse the log information for each message type)

TypeProduct VersionSupported Schema Fields
Above Message RepeatsN/A<severity>, <quantity>, <tag1>
ABRT MessagesN/A<severity>, <sname>, <process>, <object>, <subject>, <recipient>
Accepted PasswordN\A<sip>, <sport>
Accepted PublickeyN/A<severity>, <sport>, <sip>, <sname>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <protname>, <hash>
Accepting ConnectionN/A<dname>, <process>, <sip>, <sport>
Account Added To GroupN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <account>, <login>, <group>
Account InformationN/A<dname>, <process>, <object>, <account>, <tag1>, <tag2>, <tag3>
Agent Appeared Dead But Responded To PingN/A<severity>, <process>, <object>
Agent InformationN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <dname>
Aide.wrapper MessageN/A<process>, <processid>, <parentprocesspath>, <tag1>, <action>
Allowed Clients ConfigN/A<vmid>, <login>, <subject>, <sip>, <object>, <tag1>
Anacron Job TerminatedN\A<process>, <object>
Anvil StatisticsN/A<Severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <size>, <rate>, <sip>
Arpwatch ProcessN\A<severity>, <sip>, <sname>, <dname>, <smac>, <dmac>, <process>, <tag1>
Attempting To Validate Locked AccountN/A<process>, <account>
Audispd ActivityN\A<severity>, <dip>, <dname>, <processid>, <object>, <objectname>, <command>, <status>
Audispd OperationsN\A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <command>, <amount>, <tag1>
Audit Daemon Low On Disk SpaceN/A<severity>, <sname>, <process>, <processid>, <tag1>
Audit Event Multiplexor MessagesN/A<severity>, <session>, <dname>, <login>, <processid>, <object>, <subject>, <result>, <command>, <tag1>, <tag2>
Auditd Status MessagesN\A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <command>, <subject>, <tag1>
Authenticated Mount RequestN/A<severity>, <dip>, <processid>, <tag1>, <sip>, <sname>, <sport>, <object>, <subject>
Authentication FailedN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <dname>, <login>
Authentication FailureN/A<login>
Authentication Failures On AccountN/A<severity>, <process>, <quantity>, <account>
Authentication InformationN/A<severity>, <domainorigin>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <objectname>, <command>
Authentication MessagesN\A<vmid>, <sip>, <login>, <subject>, <object>, <tag2>
Automatic Root Authorization BypassN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <command>, <login>
AutomountN\A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <objectname>, <command>, <subject>, <tag2>
Automount MessagesN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <quantity>, <objectname>, <tag1>, <object>, <subject>
AVAHI Daemon WarningN/A<severity>, <sip>, <process>, <processid>, <subject>, <tag1>
Avahi Host DNS NameN\A<session>, <process>, <dname>
Avahi Hostname ConflictN\A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <sname>, <dname>
Avahi RegistrationN\A<severity>, <sname>, <dname>, <sip>, <sinterface>, <session>, <subject>, <processid>, <tag1>
AXIS MessagesN/A<severity>, <login>, <group>, <sname>, <subject>, <process>, <processid>, <tag2>, <sip>, <tag3>
Batch Order DetailsN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <objectname>, <subject>
Be2net MessagesN/A<severity>, <dinterface>, <object>, <command>, <process>, <tag2>, <tag1>, <tag3>
Booting ProcessorN/A<object>
Callbacks SuppressedN\A<severity>, <quantity>
Calling Function IDN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <object>
Can't Get HostnameN\A<sip>, <dip>
Cannot Load ModuleN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <vmid>, <object>, <subject>
Cannot Locate URL From FileN/A<severity>, <process>, <object>, <url>, <command>, <duration>
Cannot Open Reserved PortN/A<process>, <vmid>, <object>
Catch All : Crond General MessagesN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <subject>, <tag1>
Catch All : General MessagesN/A<severity>, <tag1>
Catch All Level 1N\A<severity>, <tag1>
Catch All : Level 2 (General Information)N/A<dname>, <object>, <process>
Catch All : Level 2 (General Syslog Information)N/A<tag1>, <dname>, <process>
Catch All : Level 3N/A<severity>, <dip>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <quantity>, <tag1>
Catch All : Level 3 - Syslog Protocol And SeverityN/A<sport>, <sip>, <process>, <tag1>
Catch All : Solaris 10 AuditN/A<vmid>, <sip>, <sname>, <login>, <session>, <tag1>
Catch All : SSHD General MessagesN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <subject>, <tag1>
Catch All : Xinetd MessagesN/A<severity>, <sip>, <process>, <processid>, <command>, <object>, <duration>, <tag1>
Centrify MessagesN/A<severity>, <parentprocessname>, <parentprocessid>, <dname>, <subject>, <tag1>, <domain>, <process>, <version>, <login>, <vmid>, <result>, <processid>, <reason>, <object>
Checker Reports Path Is DownN/A<severity>, <process>, <object>, <objectname>
Checkout PassedN/A<severity>, <sname>.<object>, <tag1>
Chef Client MessagesN/A<severity>, <dname>, <parentprocessname>, <subject>, <sname>, <login>, <sport>, <process>, <group>, <url>, <responsecode>
Child ExistsN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>
Clamd Scan OperationsN\A<severity>, <dname>, <session>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <command>, <tag1>
Cleanup MessagesN/A<Severity>, <dname>, <process>, <session>, <recipient>, <Action>
Client Not Found In Kerberos DatabaseN/A<vmid>, <severity>
Client UnknownN/A<severity>, <dname>, <reason>
CLISH Messages : Login Logout Cmd ExecutedN/A<login>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <tag1>
CLISH User InformationN/A<sname>, <login>, <session>, <process>, <processid>.<object>
Clock ErrorsN/A<sip>, <process>, <tag1>, <tag2>
CLUSTER-TLS Connection ClosedN/A<dname>, <process>, <sip>, <object>, <sport>
Command CompleteN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <subject>, <objectname>, <size>
Command ExecutionN/A<severity>, <dname>, <sinterface>, <login>, <process>, <processid>, <object>
Command InformationN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <command>, <sname>
Command StringN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <command>
CommissioningN\A<vmid>, <sip>, <login>, <subject>, <tag1>, <tag2>
Common Information Model Server MessageN/A<dname>, <process>, <tag1>, <vmid>, <object>, <sport>, <login>
Comparing Current Cluster DataN/A<severity>, <sname>, <object>
Comparing Current DataN/A<severity>, <sname>.<object>
ConfigFileN\A<vmid>, <sip>, <login>, <subject>, <tag1>, <tag2>
Configuration StatusN\A<severity>, <dname>, <object>, <objectname>, <tag1>
Connecting To Data Layer Service RemotelyN/A<dname>, <process>
Connection ClosedN/A<dname>, <process>, <dip>, <dport>
Connection EstablishedN/A<dname>, <process>, <dip>, <dport>, <sname>, <object>
Connection FailedN/A<dip>, <dname>, <protname>, <dport>, <tag1>
Connection InformationN/A<sip>, <dip>, <dname>, <sport>, <dport>, <session>, <process>, <tag1>, <tag2>, <tag3>
Connection Lost While Receiving Server GreetingN/A<protname>, <session>, <dname>, <dip>
Connection MessageN/A<sip>, <dip>, <dport>, <sport>, <sname>, <process>, <processid>, <tag1>, <protname>
Connection NotificationN/A<dip>, <sip>, <session>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <objectname>, <command>, <subject>
Connection RefusedN\A<severity>, <sip>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <command>, <duration>
Connection RefusedN/A<dname>, <process>, <processid>, <sip>, <sport>
Connection Timed OutN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <dip>
Control Network Tracing And Logging MessageN/A<dname>, <process>, <tag1>
CORBA Connection To Data LayerN/A<dname>, <process>
Could Not Authenticate UserN/A<severity>, <sname>, <process>
Could Not Complete SSL HandshakeN/A<dname>, <process>, <protname>, <object>
Could Not Fork Ident IPC HandlerN/A<severity>, <sname>, <process>, <object>
Could Not Resolve IPN\A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <dip>
Could Not Sent Message To License ServerN/A<severity>, <subject>, <process>, <processid>
Cron Daemon Messages -RetiredN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <object>, <commadf> , <tag1>, <objectname>
Cron Job ExecutionN\A<severity>, <login>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <command>, <tag1>
Cron Job ExecutionN/A<severity>, <login>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <tag1>, <dname>
Crond OperationsN\A<severity>, <dname>, <login>, <process>, <processid>, <subject>, <command>, <tag1>, <tag2>
Ctasd MessagesN/A<severity>, <vmid>, <dname>, <subject>, <process>, <processid>, <command>, <object>, <objectname><tag1>, <tag2>, <tag3>
Ctipd MessaagesN/A<severity>, <dname>, <subject>, <process>, <processid>, <command>, <tag1>, <tag2>
CUPS InformationN/A<sip>, <sname>, <process>, <dname>, <object>, <tag1>
Daemon ConnectionsN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <tag1>, <object>, <size>,
Daemon Process Messages -retiredN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <tag1>
Daemon Processing InformationN/A<dname>, <process>, <object>, <tag1>
Daemon/Version Startup And ShutdownN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <tag1>, <command>, <version>
Data Domain Logging MessagesN/A<severity>, <vmid>, <process>, <sname>, <account>, <command>, <object>, <tag1>
Database Is Older Than Source FileN/A<proess>, <object>
DataDog MessagesN/A<severity>, <parentprocessname>, <parentprocessid>, <dname>, <dport>, <subject>, <serialnumber>, <seconds>
DateTimeN\A<vmid>, <sip>, <login>, <severity>, <tag1>
DateTimeConfigN\A<vmid>, <sip>, <login>, <subject>, <tag1>
D-Bus Audit FailureN/A<sip>, <login>, <process>, <object>, <tag1>
DBUS Service MessageN/A<severity>, <sname>, <process>, <processid>, <subject>, <object>, <tag1>
DDFS MessagesN/A<severity>, <vmid>, <process>, <processid>, <command>, <object>, <size>, <tag1>
Device Failed Smart Self-Check: Backup Data NowN/A<severity>, <process>, <object>
Device Promiscuous ModeN\A<severity>, <dname>, <dinterface>, <process>, <tag1>
DHClient InformationN/A<process>, <processid>, <command>, <dinterface>, <dip>, <dport>, <quantity>
DHCP ACK/REQUEST MessagesN/A<sip>, <dip>, <process>, <sname>, <object>, <tag1>
DHCP AssignedN\A<severity>, <sip>, <dip>, <process>, <processid>
DHCP Binding NotificationN\A<severity>, <sip>, <process>, <processid>, <subject>, <duration>
DHCP RenewingN\A<tag1>
DHCP RequestN\A<severity>, <sip>, <dip>, <dport>, <sinterface>, <process>, <processid>, <tag1>
DHCPD MessagesN/A<tag1>, <sip>, <object>, <tag2>, <quanitity>, <dname>
DHCPD MessagesN/A<tag1>, <smac>, <dinterface>, <sip>, <dmac>, <sip>
Diagnostic Monitor Daemon MessageN/A<dname>, <process>, <tag1>
Did Not Use HELO ProtocolN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <sname>, <dname>, <dip>, <protname>
Directory Not SecuredN/A<dname>, <object>
Dispatch Protocol ErrorN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <objectname>
DNSMASQ DHCPN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <tag1>, <command>, <dinterface>, <dip>, <dmac>
Docker Log InformationN/A<severity>, <dip>, <dname>, <dport>, <login>, <parentprocessname>, <processid>, <subject>, <quantity>, <command>
Dropped PacketN/A<sname>, <protname>, <sip>, <dip>, <dport>, <process>, <object>, <size>, <tag1>
Email Header WarningN/A<process>, <Session>, <subject>, <sname>, <sip>, <Sender>, <reciepient>, <protname>
EMC Filesystem MountN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <command>, <subject>, <object>
End Of FileN/A<dname>, <process>, <sip>, <sport>
Environment Daemon MessageN/A<dname>, <process>, <tag1>
Error Deleting Journal FileN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <objectname>
Error MessagesN/A<dname>, <sip>, <dip>, <sport>, <protname>, <object>, <quantity>, <tag1>
Error Reading KeytabN\A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <object>
Error Retrieving User InformationN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <login>
Ethernet Link StatusN/A<object>, <rate>, <tag1>
Catch All : Level 1_N/A<subject>, <tag1>, <status>, <sip>, <dip>, <sinterface>, <dinterface>, <severity>, <session>
Event MessagesN\A<vmid>, <severity>, <sip>, <dip>, <sport>, <dport>, <protname>, <object>, <command>
Executing ObjectN/A<dname>, <process>, <object>
Exim MessagesN/A<severity>, <sip>, <sname>, <dip>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <login>, <subject>, <sport>, <dport>, <command>, <tag1>
Extended Internet Daemon ExitingN/A<process>
eXtended InterNET Daemon MessagesN/A<severity>, <tag1>, <process>, <status>, <processid>, <sipn>, <seconds>
Failed LoginN\A<sip>, <sport>, <sname>, <login>
Failed LoginN/A<severity>, <login>, <sip>, <sport>, <protname>
Failed Login AttemptN/A<login>, <sip>
Failed PacketN/A<protnum>, <sip>, <dip>, <sport>, <dport>
Failed Parse Inline TemplateN\A<severity>, <dname>, <dinterface>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <objectname>, <tag1>
Failed To Accept SocketN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <tag1>
Failed To Change Host PasswordN/A<vmid>, <severity>, <sname>, <dname>, <login>, <account>, <domainorigin>, <process>, <object>, <command>, <reason>
Failed To Create PipesN/A<severity>, <process>, <object>
Failed To Map Consumer To A DirectoryN/A<dname>, <process>, <protname>, <object>, <account>
Failed To Mount FilesystemN\A<severity>, <sname>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <reason>
Fake Hostname - Forward Lookup Doesn't ExistN/A<dip>, <object>, <sip>
Fetching FTP FilesN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <domainorigin>, <subject>
File ConflictN\A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <objectname>, <subject>
File Or Directory Monitor MessagesN/A<severity>, <sname>, <process>, <processid>, <subject>, <object>, <tag1>
File System Checkout ErrorN/A<severity>, <sname>
File System FullN\A<vmid>, <object>
File System Health Check PassedN/A<severity>, <object>
File Transfer Protocol MessageN/A<dname>, <process>, <processid>, <tag1>, <protname>, <snmae>, <sip>, <login>, <object>, <tag2>
Finished Catalog RunN\A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <duration>
Firewall MessageN/A<tag1>, <action>, <sinterface>, <dip>, <sip>, <processid>, <sport>, <dport>, <protname>
FireWallConfig Messages 1N\A<vmid>, <severity>, <sip>, <login>, <object>, <tag1>
FirewallConfig Messages 2N\A<vmid>, <subject>, <sip>, <login>, <object>, <tag1>
FTP Daemon : Transfer LogN\A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <tag1>
Gconfd ProcessN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <account>, <session>, <tag1>, <object>, <subject>, <objectname>, <vmid>
GDM LoginN\A<login>, <account>, <process>
GDM Superuser Denied LoginN\A<session>, <process>
GDM Unable To Log SessionN\A<process>
General Audit EventsN/A<severity>, <login>, <tag2>, <tag3>
General AuthenticationN/A<severity>, <process>, <tag1>, <login>, <tag2>, <sip>, <sname>
General Authentication 2N/A<dname>, <process>, <sname>, <tag1>, <login>, <sip>, <sport>
General Authentication 3N/A<severity>, <sname>, <process>, <tag1>, <object>, <sip>, <login>, <subject>
General Authentication EventN/A<sip>, <sname>, <login>, <tag1>, <tag2>
General Cache MessagesN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <subject>, <object>, <version>, <parentprocessname>
General Connection InformationN/A<dname>, <process>, <tag1>, <sip>, <sname>
General Debug MessagesN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <command>, <object>, <subject>, <sname>
General Failed Authentication MessagesN/A<dname>, <process>, <processid>, <dinterface>, <tag1>, <login>, <sip>, <sname>, <sport>, <seconds>, <Account>
General Failed Login AttemptN/A<severity>, <sip>, <sname>, <login>
General Failed Login Attempt 2N/A-
General FTP InformationN/A<dname>, <tag1>, <sip>, <login>, <object>, <sname>
General FTP MsgN/A<severity>, <sip>, <login>, <tag1>
General Information Log MessagesN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <domainorigin>, <subject>, <recipient>
General Kernel MessagesN/A<severity>, <vmid>, <dname>, <subject>, <process>, <processid>, <command>, <object>, <amount>, <quantity>, <size>, <tag1>, <tag2>, <tag3>
General Messages 2N/A<login>, <tag1>, <tag2>, <tag3>
General Network ErrorN/A<vmid>, <severity>, <tag1>
General Postgres MessagesN/A<severity>, <login>, <object>, <objectname>, <command>
General Robot Daemon MessageN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <command>, <object>
General SendmailN/A<dname>
General SNMPD MessagesN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <tag1>, <object>, <sip>, <protname>, <sport>
General Switch User (su)N/A<dname>, <login>, <account>, <tag1>
Generic Client Creation FailedN\A<vmid>, <dname>, <tag1>
Get Key By Key ID FailedN/A<dname>, <process>, <object>, <tag1>
GIS Disk ErrorN/A<severity>, <sname>, <tag1>
GIS OPEN SYS Check PassedN/A<severity>, <tag1>, <object>, <sinterface>, <sip>
Github General MessagesN/A<severity>, <process>, <subject>
Gpasswd MessagesN\A<login>, <account>, <process>, <group>, <tag1>
Group Entry MessagesN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <object>, <objectname>, <group>, <domain>, <tag1>
Group Policy AppliedN/A<process>, <processid>, <severity>, <object>
Groupdel Deleted GroupN\A<process>, <group>
Groupmod Changed GIDN\A<process>, <group>, <tag1>
GSSAPI AcceptedN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <login>, <sip>, <sport>, <protname
Handling ConnectionN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>
Hardware Management Console MessagesN/A<dname>, <object>, <session>, <tag1>
Host Address InformationN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <object>
Host Communication MessageN/A<severity>, <sname>, <process>, <processid>, <result>
Host Not Allowed To TalkN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <dip>
Host Not Entitled To Run ProgramN/A<vmid>, <severity>, <process>, <object>, <url>, <command>, <duration>
Host OfflineN/A<severity>, <process>, <dname>, <object>, <objectname>, <status>, <tag1>
Host Refused To Talk : Message Temp DeferredN/A<vmid>, <sip>, <dip>, <dname>, <protname>, <session>, <responsecode>, <url>
HostsConfig MessagesN\A<vmid>, <sip>, <dname>, <login>, <subject>, <tag1>
HP System Health MessagesN/A<process>, <object>, <tag1>, <tag2>
HTTPD ErrorN/A<dname>, <process>, <processid>, <severity>, <sip>, <tag1>, <object>, <url>
ID Respawning Too FastN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <object>, <subject>, <minutes>
Ignoring Extra Unique IndexN/A<dname>, <process>, <object>
Illegal Addess Syntax In CommandN/A<dip>, <dname>, <process>, <object>, <recipient>
Illegal Port ConnectionN/A<severity>, <sname>, <process>, <processid>, <tag1>, <sip>, <sport>
Illegal UserN\A<sip>, <sname>, <login>
Incorrect Authentication SourceN/A<severity>, <dip>, <sip>, <account>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>
Init Respawning ErrorN/A<severity>, <process>, <object>, <duration>
Input/Output ErrorN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <command>, <object>
Installation OutdatedN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <object>
Interactive AuthenticationN/A<dname>, <process>, <tag1>, <tag2>, <login>, <sipn>, <sport>, <dip>, <sessiontype>
Interactive Authentication 2N/A<login>, <dname>, <object>, <sport>, <sip>, <protname>, <process>, <processid>, <tag3>
Internet Daemon MessageN/A<dname>, <process>, <tag2>, <protname>, <tag1>, <object>
Internet Daemon No Such File Or DirectoryN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <object>
Invalid Domain MappingN/A<severity>, <sname>, <process>, <processid>, <command>, <subject>, <login>, <domain>, <dname>
Invalid FlagN/A<severity>, <process>, <object>
Invalid UserN/A<severity>, <login>, <sip>
Invalid User.N/A<severity>, <dname>, <sip>, <process>, <processid>, <login>, <command>
IP Chains Firewall LogN/A<vmid>, <severity>, <sip>, <dip>, <sport>, <dport>, <protname>, <command>
IPsecConfig MessagesN\A<vmid>, <sip>, <login>, <subject>, <tag2>
JSCAPE FTP Account ModifiedN/A<severity>, <dname>, <login>, <command>, <account>
JScape FTP MessagesN/A<severity>, <dname>, <sip>, <sport>, <dip>, <dport>, <login>, <tag1>, <command>, <object>, <bytesin>, <bytesout>
JSCAPE FTP Trigger MessageN/A<severity>, <dname>, <tag1>, <command>, <action>, <object>, <vmid>, <subject>
K Desktop Manager ErrorsN/A<sip>, <process>, <tag1>, <object>
KDM Authentication FailureN\A<vmid>, <severity>, <dname>, <login>, <process>, <processid>
Keep-Alive Informational MessagesN/A<severity>, <sname>, <process>, <processid>, <subject>, <dip>, <tag1>, <dport>
Kernel File System MessagesN/A<severity>, <dinterface>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <command>, <vmid>, <tag1>, <tag2>
Kernel Header InformationN\A<severity>, <smac>, <dmac>, <dname>, <command>, <process>
Kernel Information MessagesN/A<severity>, <sip>, <dip>, <dinterface>, <object>, <processid>, <command>, <subject>
Kernel MessagesN/A<login>, <dname>, <vmid>, <tag1>, <tag2>
Kernel Out Of Memory Kill ProcessN/A<severity>, <process>, <session>, <subject>, <processid>, <object>, <amount>
Kernel Registry Services Daemon MessageN/A<dname>, <process>, <tag1>
Kernel USB MessagesN/A<severity>, <dinterface>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <objectname>, <quantity>, <command>, <tag1>, <serialnumber>
Last Message RepeatedN/A<tag1>, <sname>, <quantity>
LastLog MessagesN/A<sip>, <login>, <object>, <tag1>
LDAP Connection FailureN/A<severity>, <sname>, <process>, <processid>, <reason>, <subject>, <result>, <object>
LDAP Failed ConnectionN/A<severity>, <sname>, <sport>, <object>, <objectname>, <tag1>
LDAP Failed Connection MessageN/A<vmid>, <severity>, <sname>, <sport>, <session>, <processid><object>, <objectname>, <tag1>
LDAP MessagesN/A<severity>, <sname>, <process>, <processid>, <command>, <tag1>, <login>, <result>, <tag2>, <reason>
LDAP Monitor MessagesN/A<vmid>, <severity>, <sip>, <sname>, <sport>, <session>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <objectname>, <command>, <tag1>
LDAP Query Lookup FailureN\A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <objectname>, <subject>
LDAPConfig MessagesN\A<vmid>, <sip>, <dname>, <login>, <subject>, <tag1>
LDAPGroupMap MessagesN/A<subject>, <vmid>, <tag1>, <login>, <sip>
Linux : Password ChangedN/A<account>, <processid>, <action>, <tag1>
Linux Permission DeniedN/A<dname>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <objectname>, <dip>, <vmid>
Linux User And Group Addition Or DeletionN/A<severity>, <sname>, <login>, <account>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <objectname>, <group>, <tag1>, <tag2>
LMTP Messages 2N/A<process>, <Session>, <dname>, <dip>, <responsecode>, <vmid>, <sender>, <recipient>, <protname>, <status>
Local Mail Transfer Protocol MessagesN/A<severity>, <process>, <protname>, <processid>, <session>, <recipient>, <dname>, <dip>, <dport>, <milliseconds>, <vmid>, <status>, <responsecode>
Log Manager Login AttemptN/A<login>, <tag1>
Log StatisticsN\A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <object>
Logging Lost MessagesN/A<severity>, <dname>, <command>, <vmid>, <process>, <tag1>, <amount>, <processid>, <object>
Logical Volume Manager MessageN/A<dname>, <process>, <tag1> , <object>
Login SuccessfulN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <login>, <sip>, <sipv6e>, <sname>, <sinterface>
Lookup FailedN/A<severity>, <sname>, <process>, <object>, <tag1>
Lost Input ChannelN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <sname>, <sip>, <objectname>
Mail Info DovecotN/A<severity>, <sname>, <login>, <tag1>, <action>, <dip>, <sip>, <processid>, <session>
Mail Information MessagesN/A<dname>, <process>, <recipient>, <object>, <duration>, <quantity>, <tag1>
Martian MessageN\A<severity>, <sip>, <dip>, <dname>, <dinterface>, <process>
Matching DSA KeyN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <object>
Memory For Crash Kernel Outside Of RangeN/A<object>
Message Content RejectedN/A<process>, <Session>, <sname>, <sip>, <Sender>, <reciepient>, <protname>, <vmid>
Message Delivery ErrorN/A<sname>, <process>, <sip>, <object>, <tag1>
Message ExpiredN/A<process>, <Session>, <sender>, <status>, <object>
Message Temporarily DeferredN/A<dip>, <dname>, <protname>, <session>, <responsecode>
MKUser Sudo CommandN/A<severity>, <dname>, <account>, <login>, <session>, <process>, <object>, <objectname>, <command>, <group>, <amount>, <tag2>
Module Location ErrorN\A<object>
Mount : Lookup And ParseN/A<process>, <object>, <tag1>
Mount AttemptN/A<sip>, <object>, <dname>, <tag1>
Mount Failed : Permission DeniedN/A<severity>, <sname>, <process>, <processid>.<object>
Mount Still ActiveN/A<dip>, <object>
Mounting Filesystem FailedN\A<dip>, <object>
Multipathd : Path Is DownN/A<severity>, <login>, <subject>, <object>
Multiple Login FailuresN/A<severity>, <sip>, <login>, <process>, <quantity>, <tag1>
Nagios MessagesN/A<severity>, <vmid>, <sname>, <dname>, <subject>, <process>, <processid>, <command>, <object>, <tag2>, <tag1>, <tag3>
Network Firewall Flow LogsN/A<severity>, <policy>, <command>, <sinterface>, <dinterface>, <smac>, <sip>, <dip>, <protname>, <sport>, <dport>
Network Manager InformationN/A<severity>, <object>, <process>, <processid>, <dname>, <dinterface>, <subject>
Network Time Protocol MessagesN/A<severity>, <sname>, <dname>, <dip>, <tag1>, <tag2>
NetworkConfig MessagesN/A<subject>, <vmid>, <object>, <tag1>, <tag2>, <login>, <sip>, <dip>
New USB Device FoundN\A<severity>, <process>, <object>, <objectname>, <subject>
NFS Mount FailureN\A<process>, <object>
No Address Found For Root NSN/A<sname>, <process>, <processid>, <object>
No Filesystem Type SpecifiedN/A<dip>, <object>, <account>
No Idle ConnectionsN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <quantity>
No Route To HostN/A<dip>, <dname>, <dport>, <protname>
No Servers FoundN\A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <object>
No SessionN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <account>, <sname>
No Such UserN/A<severity>, <sname>, <process>, <object>, <command>
Non-DMZ Link ConnectedN/A<sip>, <dname>, <sport>, <process>, <object>
Not Being JournaledN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <objectname>, <quantity>
Not Sending Tagmail ReportN\A<severity>, <process>, <processid>
NRPE CommandN/A<severity>, <object>, <process>, <processid>, <command>, <tag1>
NRPE ConnectionN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <sip>, <sport>, <tag1>, <command>
NRPE Start/StopN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <command>, <tag1>, <session>, <sip>, <sipv6e>, <duration>
NSLCD MessagesN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <tag1>, <version>, <object>, <objectname>
NSS Authentication ErrorN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <subject>, <dname>
NTP Listener MessagesN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <object>, <tag1>, <sinterface>, <sip>, <protname>, <sport>
NTP MessagesN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <tag2>, <dip>, <tag1>, <duration>, <version>, <object>, <dinterface>
NTPD Time Reset/SynchronizationN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <tag1>, <seconds>, <object>
NTPD_INTRES MessagesN/A<severity>, <process>, <objectname>, <subject>, <tag1>
Number Of Certificate Reminders To Process TodayN/A<dname>, <process>, <object>, <quantity>
Number Of Messages DeletedN/A<dname>, <process>, <quantity>
Object Access LogsN/A<dname>, <login>, <account>, <domainorigin>, <session>, <process>, <object>, <tag1>, <tag4>
Odd Number Of ElementsN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <domainorigin>, <subject>
Operation CompletedN/A<dname>, <session>, <process>, <object>, <tag1>, <tag2>
Organizer : Shard ErrorN\A<severity>, <dname>, <dinterface>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <objectname>, <command>, <subject>
Packet ReceivedN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <sip>, <sport>, <subject>, <objectname>
Packet Too Short Or Invalid While Reading ResponseN/A<severity>, <process>, <object>
PAM Adding Faulty ModuleN/A<severity>, <process>, <object>, <sname>
PAM LDAP Authentication ErrorN/A<process>, <login>, <group>, <domain>, <tag1>
PAM LoginN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <subject>, <login>, <sip>, <sport>
PAM Unable To Load Dynamic Library FileN/A<severity>, <process>, <object>, <sname>, <command>
Pam Unix AuthenticationN\A<severity>, <sip>, <sname><login>, <account>, <session>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <tag1>
PAM UNIX User Check PassN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <subject>, <login>
PAM User AuthenticationN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <tag1>, <login>, <account>
Pam_Tally: No Such UserN\A<login>
PAM_Unix : General MessagesN/A<sip>, <login>, <sessiontype>, <project>, <object>, <tag1>, <tag2>
Password Daemon MessageN/A<dname>, <tag1>, <process>
Password Read Timed OutN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <sinterface>, <tag1>
Passwordless Authentication MessageN/A<severity>, <process>, <object>, <command>, <processid>, <tag1>, <group>, <login>, <account>, <domain>
Patt 5 : SMTP Session MessagesN/A<processid>, <subject>, <sname>, <sip>, <sport>, <tag1>, <session>, <sender>, <recipient>, <protname>, <vendorinfo>, <dip>, <dport>
Pattern 1 : General MessagesN\A<vmid>, <sip>, <login>, <subject>, <tag1>, <tag2>
Pattern 1 : PGP Backup MessagesN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <tag2>, <tag3>, <object>
Pattern 1 : Sendmail Mail To MessagesN/A<vmid>, <dip>, <object>, <recipient>, <duration>, <quantity>, <tag1>
Pattern 2 : General Messages 2N\A<vmid>, <severity>, <tag1>, <tag2>
Pattern 2 : PGP Datalayer MessagesN\A<tag1>, <dname>, <process>, <tag2>, <object>
Pattern 2 : Sendmail NotificationN/A<process>, <object>, <vmid>, <tag3>, <hours>, <tag1>, <tag2>, <dname>, <domain>
Pattern 3 : General Audit EventsN/A<login>, <tag1>
Pattern 3 : PGP Client MessagesN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <sname>, <tag3>, <quantity>, <amount>, <tag5>, <account>, <login>, <tag4>, <sport>, <sip>, <object>
Pattern 3 : SELinux Preventing Access To ObjectN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <object>, <tag1>, <tag2>
Pattern 4 : Failed LoginN/A<sip>, <login>, <tag1>
Pattern 4 : PGP Admin MessagesN/A<severity>, <sip>, <sname>, <dname>, <sport>, <login>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <tag1>, <tag2>, <tag3>
Pattern 4 : Qmanager MessagesN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <session>, <tag1>, <sender>, <size>
Pattern 5 : PGP Cluster MessagesN/A<severity>, <sip>, <dname>, <sport>, <processid>, <process>, <object>, <quantity>, <packetsin>, <seconds>, <tag2>, <tag3>
Pattern 5 : Solaris 10 Object AccessN/A<vmid>, <sip>, <sname>, <login>, <session>, <object>, <tag1>
Pattern 6 : Password AcceptedN/A<severity>, <sip>, <dname>, <sport>, <login>, <sessiontype>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <objectname>, <tag1>, <tag2>
Pattern 6 : SMTP Connection MessagesN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <tag1>, <sname>, <sip>
Pattern 7 : Authentication FailureN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <account>, <sip>, <sname>, <login>, <tag1>
Pattern 8 : Public Key AuthenticationN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <sip>, <sport>, <login>, <tag1>, <protname>
Pattern 9 : Filesystem MountN\A<dip>, <object>, <tag1>, <tag2>
Pattern 10 : User ModificationsN\A<account>, <object>, <group>, <tag1>
Pattern 11 : General InformationN/A<dip>, <tag1>, <tag2>, <tag3>, <quantity>
Pattern 12 : User/Group DeletedN\A<group>, <account>, <tag1>
Pattern 13 : General Linux Host MessagesN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <tag1>, <login>, <sname>, <account>, <object> , <processid>, <group>, <domain>, <sip>, <sport>, <domainorigin>
Pattern 14 : SSH ConnectionsN/A<vmid>, <login,>, <session>, <sname>, <dname>, <object>, <reason>, <tag1>, <tag2>, <sip>, <dip>, <sport>, <dport>, <responsecode>
Pattern 15 : Specific Errors And WarningsN/A<severity>, <login>, <object>, <subject>, <process>, <processid>, <protname>, <sender>, <quantity>, <recipient>, <tag3>
Pattern 17 : Reset InformationN/A<login>, <tag1>
Pattern 17 : Various Linux Host LogsN/A<object>, <url>, <dname>, <tag1>
Pattern 19 : Informational MessagesN/A<severity>, <login,>, <protname>, <sname>, <dname>, <object>, <subject>, <process>, <processid>, <tag3>, <tag2>, <sip>, <sport>, <tag4>
Pattern 20 : Informational Messages 2N/A<severity>, <dip>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <subject>, <object>, <command>, <amount>, <tag1>, <tag2>
Pattern 21 : Su PAM ErrorsN\A<dname>, <tag1>, <tag2>, <object>
Pattern 22 : CPU MessageN/A<size>, <quantity>, <object>, <tag1>, <tag2>
Pattern 23 : Crontab File EditingN/A<object>, <login>, <tag1>
Pattern 24 : Informational Messages 2N/A<dname>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <tag1>, <tag2>, <tag3>
Pattern 25 : VAS Daemon MessagesN/A<process>, <object>, <tag1>, <tag2>
Pattern 26 : PAM VAS Authentication MessageN/A<login>, <account>, <process>, <object>, <group>, <tag1>
Pattern 27 : Group Policy MessageN/A<sname>, <dname>, <sport>, <object>, <tag1>, <tag2>
Pattern 28 : Anacron Job MessageN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <quantity>, <duration>, <object>, <tag1>, <tag2>
Pattern 29 : Automount ErrorN/A<process>, <object>, <tag1>, <tag2>
Pattern 30 : Kernel MessagesN/A<vmid>, <severity>, <process>, <processid>, <command>, <dip>, <dinterface>, <object>, <subject>, <tag1>, <tag2>, <sip>,
Pattern 31 : Secure Access Unit MessagesN/A<severity>, <login>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <sport>, <tag1>, <tag3>, <sip>,
Pattern Accepted Public Key Or PasswordN\A<vmid>, <sip>, <sport>, <login>
Pattern FTP SessionN\A<severity>, <sip>, <sname>, <dname>, <protname>, <login>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <bytesout>, <rate>, <tag1>, <tag2>
Pattern IMSYSMENUN\A<vmid>
Pattern Linux : Session EventsN/A<dname>, <process>, <processid>, <tag1>, <login>, <account>
Pattern remshdN\A<vmid>, <object>
Permission DeniedN/A<dname>, <process>, <processid>, <command>, <subject>
Permission Denied To HostN/A<severity>, <sip>, <process>
PGP Tcpwrapper MessagesN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <tag3>, <sip>, <sport>, <dip>, <dport>
PGP Universal Group Daemon InformationN/A<dname>, <process>, <object>, <tag1>, <tag2>
PGP VKD MessagesN/A<dname>, <process>, <tag2>, <object>, <tag3>
Pickup MessageN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <session>, <object>, <sender>, <subject>, <objectname>
PlayBack Stream Failed ConnectionN/A<vmid>, <severity>, <sname>, <sport>, <account>, <session>, <processid><object>, <objectname>, <url>, <command>, <tag1>
Pluto ProcessN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <objectname>, <subject>, <sip>, <object>
Pluto Process.N/A<severity>, <dname>, <tag1>, <object>, <dip>, <sip>
Polkit Authorization GrantedN\A<login>, <account>, <process>, <session>, <object>
PortMapping And Firewall Config MessagesN/A<subject>, <vmid>, <object>, <tag1>, <login>, <sip>
PortMapping MessagesN\A<vmid>, <sip>, <dip>, <login>, <subject>, <object>, <tag1>, <tag3>
PortMappingConfig MessagesN\A<vmid>, <sip>, <group>, <login>, <subject>, <object>, <tag1>
Possible Break-In AttemptN/A<seveirty>, <process>, <sname>, <sip>, <tag1>, <threatname>
Postfix Error MessagesN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <command>, <tag1>
Postfix Mail OperationsN/A<severity>, <account>, <sinterface>, <dname>, <subject>, <process>, <processid>, <command>, <session>, <version>, <duration>, <action>, <recipient>, <tag1>
Postfix/Local MessagesN/A<severity>, <domain>, <process>, <processid>, <object>
Postgres : Incomplete Startup PacketN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <object>
PostgreSQL MessagesN/A<severity>, <dip>, <dname>, <login>, <session>, <process>, <processid>, <command>, <vmid>, <tag1>
Process InformationN/A<severity>, <dip>, <sip>, <protname>, <session>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <objectname>, <command>, <tag1>
Process MessagesN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <object>, <command>, <tag1>, <dport>, <objectname>
Process RequestsN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <objectname>, <subject>
Process StartedN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <object>
Processing Batch Log MessagesN/A<severity>, <process>, <object>, <objectname>, <processid>
Processing Log MessagesN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <subject>
ProxyServices MessagesN\A<severity>, <sip>, <dip>, <dport>, <protname>, <login>, <process>, <processid>, <subject>, <object>, <version>, <url>, <command>, <result>, <tag1>
Pseudo Random Number Generator Daemon MessageN/A<dname>, <process>, <tag1>, <login>
Puppet Agent Command Executed SuccessfullyN/A<dname>, <process>, <processid>, <command>
Puppet Agent ErrorsN/A<severity>, <object>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <command>, <reason>, <tag1>
Puppet Agent WarningsN/A<severity>, <object>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <command>, <tag1>
Puppet Error MessagesN/A<severity>, <sname>, <dname>, <subject>, <process>, <processid>, <command>, <session>, <duration>, <tag1>, <tag2>
Puppet-Master : Not Sending Tagmail ReportN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>
Puppet Master VersionN\A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <version>
Puppet Process Executed SuccessfullyN\A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <object>
Purging Old PDF Messenger Secure Reply DataN/A<dname>, <process>, <object>
RAID InformationN/A<tag1>, <severity>, <process>, <processid>, <tag2>, <command>, <tag3>, <vmid>, <subject>
Received RequestN\A<severity>, <sip>, <dname>, <object>, <objectname>, <tag1>
Received SignalN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <object>
Received SNMP PacketsN/A<dip>, <sip>, <sport>
Recipient Address RejectedN/A<vmid>, <object>, <recipient>, <dip>, <dname>, <protname>, <session>, <responsecode>
Recommended Version Over Current VersionN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <version>, <object>
Reconnected To LDAP ServerN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <object>
RedHat Network Checked For Updates And ActionsN\A<process>
Remote ConnectionN\A<vmid>, <sip>, <sname>, <protname>, <tag1>
Replicator Process OnlineN/A<dname>, <process>
Repository Update ErrorN/A<sip>, <object>
Request DeniedN/A<severity>, <sname>, <process>, <processid>, <command>, <objectname>, <result>
Requirement Not Met By UserN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <login>, <object>
Resource Group Manager MessageN/A<severity>, <sname>, <dname>, <dip>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <objectname>, <tag1>, <subject>
Resource MIBN\A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <object>
Resources Temporarily UnavailableN/A<dip>, <dname>, <protname>, <session>, <responsecode>
Restricted Shell ConfigurationN/A<object>, <group>, <tag1>
RHSMD/SSSD Authentication EventsN/A<sname>, <process>, <processid>, <subject>
Robot Daemon Process InformationN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <tag1>, <command>
Root LoginN/A<object>, <login>
Root Shell Command MessagesN/A<severity>, <session>, <quantity>, <process>, <object>, <objectname>, <command>, <tag1>, <vmid>
RouteConfig MessagesN/A<subject>, <vmid>, <object>, <tag1>, <login>, <sip>
RPC Bind MessageN/A<dname>, <tag1>, <tag2>, <object>
RSA Key GeneratedN/A<dname>, <process>, <login>, <domain>, <account>, <severity>, <object>, <processid>, <tag1>
Rsyslog ProcessN\A<severity>, <version>, <process>, <processid>, <url>, <command>, <tag1>
Rule2N/A<tag1>, <tag2>
Run-Parts Status MessagesN/A<severity>, <object>, <objectname>, <dname>, <tag1>
Script Run StatusN/A<severity>, <object>, <command>, <process>, <session>, <tag1>, <dname>
SCSI Subsystem InitializedN/A<object>
Secrets/Key InformationN/A<severity>, <processid>, <dname>, <parentprocessname>, <process>, <dip>, <sip>, <tag1>, <object>, <subject>
Secure Reply Records DeletedN/A<dname>, <process>, <object>, <quantity>
Secure Shell MessageN/A<dname>, <process>, <processid>, <command>, <sip>, <sport>, <tag1>, <tag2>, <tag3>, <login>, <sname>, <subject>
SEL Catch All : Level 2N/A<subject>, <vmid>, <tag1>, <tag2>
Selinux ModeN\A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <command>
Sender Non-Delivery NotificationN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <session>, <object>, <subject>
Sendmail : Mail FromN/A<processid>, <object>, <sender>, <protname>, <sname>, <sip>, <bytesin>
Sendmail Administrator InfoN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <login>, <object>
Sendmail Alias InformationN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <login>, <quantity>, <size>, <amount>
Sendmail ForwardN/A<severity>, <subject>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <objectname>
Sendmail OperationsN/A<severity>, <sip>, <sname>, <dname>, <session>, <subject>, <process>, <processid>, <command>, <object>, <objectname>, <amount>, <version>, <quantity>, <duration>, <tag1>, <tag2>
Sendmail ProcessN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <objectname>, <object>, <sender>, <dname>, <dip>, <subject>
SerialConfig MessagesN/A<subject>, <vmid>, <object>, <tag1>, <login>, <sip>
SerialPortProfile MessagesN/A<subject>, <vmid>, <object>, <tag1>, <login>, <sip>
Server Not RespondingN/A<dip>
Service Name InformationN\A<object>, <tag1>
Service Not Discoverable via DNSN/A<severity>, <parentprocessname>, <parentprocessid>, <process>, <reason>
Session ActivityN\A<severity>, <sessiontype>, <login>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <tag1>, <tag2>
Session State ChangedN/A<dname>, <process>, <processid>, <login>, <tag1>
Set User IdentityN/A<dname>, <tag1>, <session>, <login>, <domainorigin>, <account>
Shell AccessN/A<severity>, <dname>, <login>, <account>, <process>, <processid>, <tag1>
SmokePing Network Latency MessagesN/A<dname>, <process>, <object>, <duration>, <tag1>, <tag2>
SMTP & RPC Failure WarningN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <subject>, <tag1>, <responsecode>
Snapshot Bash ActivityN/A<severity>, <dname>, <sname>, <dip>, <dport>, <object>, <subject>, <tag1>
SNMP Informational MessagesN\A<tag1>, <process>, <tag2>, <sip>, <protname>, <sport>
SNMPD Error MessageN/A<severity>, <vmid>, <bytesin>, <bytesout>, <subject>
SNMPD Operational MessagesN\A<severity>, <sip>, <dip>, <dname>, <sport>, <protname>, <process>, <processid>, <subject>, <command>, <tag1>, <tag2>
SNMPD ResponseN\A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <object>
Software Status MessagesN/A<severity>, <sname>, <process>, <processid>, <tag1>, <action>, <object>
SQueue EmptyN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <objectname>
SSH AuthenticationN/A<protname>, <tag1>, <login>, <sip>, <sport>
SSH Authentication FailureN/A<sname>, <login>
SSH Login AuditN\A<severity>, <dip>, <dport>, <login>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <objectname>, <version>, <bytesin>, <bytesout>, <duration>, <tag1>
SSH Reverse Lookup ErrorN/A<sip>, <sname>, <process>, <object>
SSH Server MessagesN/A<vmid>, <login,>, <session>, <sname>, <dname>, <object>, <reason>, <tag1>, <tag2>, <sip>, <dip>, <sport>, <dport>, <responsecode>
SSH SessionN/A<login>, <tag1>
SSHD Account AuthorizedN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <login>, <account>, <object>
SSHD ConnectionN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <tag1>, <sip>, <sport>, <login>
SSHD ID String Not ReceivedN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <sname>, <subject>, <sip>
SSHD MessagesN\A<severity>, <dname>, <sname>, <sip>, <dip>, <sport>, <dport>, <protname>, <login>, <session>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <subject>, <command>, <tag1>, <tag2>
SSHD Startup FailureN\A<process>, <sport>, <sip>
SSHD TerminatedN\A<process>, <tag1>
SSL Connect Return MessageN\A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <protname>, <tag1>
Stale PDF Messenger Secure Reply Data PurgedN/A<dname>, <process>, <object>
Starting AgentN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <object>, <subject>, <serialnumber>
Starting ScanN/A<dname>, <process>, <sip>, <sport>
Startup CompletedN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <objectname>
SU Command CompletedN/A<sip>, <dname>, <account>, <tag1>, <login>, <object>
SU Command Completed2N/A<severity>, <sname>, <tag1>, <result>, <login>, <object>, <account>
Su Session Opened/ClosedN\A<severity>, <dname>, <login>, <account>, <process>, <parentprocessname><parentprocessid>, <object>, <subject>, <tag1>
Su SuccessfulN\A<login>, <account>, <process>
Su User AllowedN\A<account>, <session>, <process>
Sudo General MessagesN\A<severity>, <dname>, <login>, <account>, <session>, <process>, <object>, <command>, <amount>, <tag2>
Sudo MessageN\A<sname>, <dname>, <account>, <login>, <object>, <tag1>, <tag2>
Sudo MessagesN/A<tag1>, <login>, <account>, <object>
Sudo PAM ErrorsN/A<severity>, <dname>, <subject>, <process>, <processid>, <command>, <object>, <tag1>
Switch UserN\A<login>, <account>, <tag1>, <tag2>
Switch User CommandN/A<login>, <dname>, <account>, <object>, <sip>, <tag3>
Syslog Binding ErrorN/A<vmid>, <sip>, <sport>, <dip>, <protname>
Syslog ConnectionN\A<severity>, <dname>, <dip>, <dport>, <process>, <processid>, <tag1>
Syslog MessageN/A<dname>, <tag1>
Syslog-Ng ErrorN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <subject>, <tag1>, <quantity>, <object>
Syslogd Invalid SendtoN/A<process>
Syslogd RestartedN\A<process>
Sysmon MessagesN/A<object>, <tag1>, <tag2>
System Initialized ImproperlyN/A<dname>, <process>, <object>
System StatisticsN/A<process>, <object>, <rate>, <quantity>
System Time Out Of SyncN/A<vmid>, <severity>, <sname>, <dname>, <domainorigin>, <tag1>, <process>
Systemd MessagesN/A<severity>, <parentprocessname>, <dname>, <process>, <subject>, <tag2>, <tag1>, <login>, <result>
Tape Status InformationN/A<object>, <tag1>
Telnet ConnectionN/A<severity>, <subject>, <dname>, <sname>, <process>, <processid>, <sip>, <sipv6e>, <sinterface>
TextImport Log MessagesN/A<severity>, <process>, <object>, <size>, <processid>, <subject>
TGT VerifiedN\A<severity>, <process>, <processid>
TGT Verified Using KeyN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <dname>, <account>
THTTPD StatisticsN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <object>, <quantity>, <amount>, <bytes>, <size>
Timeout Before AuthenticationN/A<severity>, <sip>, <process>, <object>, <subject>
TLS Connection EstablishedN/A<dname>, <process>, <dip>, <object>
Traceback ErrorN/A<severity>, <object>
Traffic LogN/A<severity>, <dname>, <sip>, <dip>, <command>, <object>, <protname>, <vmid>, <responsecode>, <bytesin>
Trap Divide ErrorN\A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <object>
Trying Mount Of FilesystemN\A<dip>, <object>, <tag1>
UDP ConnectionN/A<severity>, <dname>, <sip>, <sport>, <protname>, <process>, <processid>
Unable To Establish Cred For IDN/A<vmid>, <severity>, <sname>, <dname>, <login>,,<account>, <domainorigin>, <process>, <object>
Unable To Open Log FileN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <tag1>
Unable To Resolve User's Primary GIDN/A<severity>, <process>, <object>, <command>
Undefined SymbolN/A<severity>, <sname>, <process>, <object>.<command>
Unicorn Rails WorkerN/A<dname>, <process>, <processid>, <command>, <object>, <objectname>
Unix_Chkpwd AuthenticationN\A<login>, <process>
Unknown HostN/A<dname>
Unknown HostN/A<sip>, <process>, <dname>, <tag1>, <tag2>
Unlocked System AccountsN\A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <objectname>
Untrusted Certificate RejectedN/A<dname>, <protname>, <process>, <object>, <threatname>
Up To DateN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <version>, <object>, <login>
USB Hub MessagesN/A<severity>, <dinterface>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <command>, <amount>, <tag1>
User Added To GroupN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <group>, <account>, <object>
User State ChangeN/A<severity>, <dname>, <tag1>, <command>
UserConfig MessagesN/A<subject>, <vmid>, <tag2>, <account>, <group>, <tag1>, <login>, <sip>
Userhelper And ShutdownN/A<login>, <tag1>
Userhelper MessagesN\A<login>, <account>, <session>, <process>, <processid>, <object>
Usermod MessagesN/A<login>, <tag1>, <tag2>, <tag3>
Usermod Messages:N\A<process>, <account>, <tag1>, <tag2>
Using Cached CatalogN\A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <object>
Using NFS VersionN/A<tag1>, <protname>, <dname>
Validating MessagesN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <domainorigin>, <subject>
Variable Access DeprecatedN\A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <objectname>
VASD Daemon State InformationN/A<severity>, <subject>, <duration>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <objectname>, <command>, <tag1>
VCS Clean Completed SuccessfullyN/A<severity>, <session>, <process>, <object>
VCS CPU Usage CriticalN/A<severity>, <sname>, <process>, <object>, <rate>
VitalQIP InformationN/A<sip>, <dip>, <dport>, <process>, <dname>, <object>, <tag1>
VMUnix Critical MessagesN/A<process>, <object>, <tag1>
VMUNIX Memory ErrorN/A<severity>, <process>, <object>
Waiting Certificate RequestN\A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <object>
WBS Reply MessagesN/A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <objectname>, <subject>
Web LoginN/A<login>
Will Not Restore FileN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <object>
Winbind Daemon : Exceeding Client Connection LimitN\A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <quantity>, <objectname>
Winbind Daemon : Socket Accept FailureN\A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <command>, <subject>
Winbind Daemon : Unable To Open New Log FileN\A<severity>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <subject>
Winbind: Denied AccessN/A<severity>, <login>, <session>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <command>, <subject>
Winbindd Process InformationN/A<severity>, <dname>, <process>, <processid>, <object>, <command>
X.509Config MessagesN/A<subject>, <vmid>, <object>, <tag1>, <login>, <sip>

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