Trend chart widgets can be used to display the results of a search, in the form of a timeline curve or bar graph, directly on the Dashboard. The results of this search are updated on the widget every time the Dashboard is refreshed.

Configure a Trend Chart Widget

When configuring the trend chart widget type, the following specifications are available:



Saved Search(Optional.) Open the drop-list and select a Saved Search to use as the focus of the trend chart.
Display Type

The trend chart type displays the top standard message time. 

  • Curve displays a basic line graph with points of information at each time interval.
  • Bar displays the data as a histogram, with bars of data at each time interval.
Scale Type

Select the scale to use in the trend chart.

  • Linear displays the information using the default scale.
  • Logrhythmic can be used for much larger numbers.

Enter a title for the widget. 

The title is auto-generated if this field is left blank.

To finish customizing the widget, click Apply.