The Axon user interface includes numerous icons and functions that allow you to navigate throughout the platform and perform various actions. These icons are referenced throughout the Axon documentation, and their functionalities are described in the table below.


DashboardDisplays the Dashboard, the main page of Axon.

SearchClick to enter or perform a search in Axon.

ReportsOpens the reports menu, where multiple reports can be viewed or printed.

Configure Settings

Opens a menu of settings or options for a feature.

This icon is also used to open the Administration panel. In this context, the icon is referred to as the Administration cog.

NotificationsDisplays recent notifications received in Axon.

Resource Center

Displays the Resource Center:

  • Announcements about recent product updates
  • A link to the Community home page
  • Onboarding guides with excerpts from our documentation

RefreshManually reload the data on a page or search result.

Resume auto-refreshClick to allow the data on a page or search result to refresh automatically.

Pause auto-refresh

Click to stop a page or search result from automatically refreshing.


Some features include the information icon, which will display hover-text about a feature to further explain how it works.

Point to the icon, and the hover-text information box appears.


Three-dot Menu

Click to open a menu or a list of options regarding a feature.

The three-dot menu can be either horizontal or vertical, but this is only specified when both menus are present and differentiation is needed.


Filter Operators

Click to change the operator used when filtering a column or result.

For more information on using filters in Axon, see Filters.

Ascending Sort

To sort a column in Axon, click the column header. When a column is in sort mode, the up arrow indicates ascending order.

Descending SortTo sort a column in Axon, click the column header. When a column is in sort mode, the down arrow indicates descending order.

Column Width Adjuster

Use to adjust the width of a column.

Point to a column, and the width adjuster appears. Click and move the width adjuster to change the width of the column.

Trash BinDeletes or removes an item, such as a widget from the Dashboard.

CopyCopies the data in a field, cell, or table to the clipboard.

Columns MenuAllows for the adjustment of columns in grid view. Click to re-order, remove, add, or adjust columns where available.

DownloadClick to download content from Axon to your PC.

Drop-arrowOpens a contextual menu for certain features with additional options.