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VPXA App Messages 2

Vendor Documentation


Rule Name

Rule Type

Common Event

VPXA App Messages 2Base RuleGeneral InformationInformation
Closing NFC Connection To ServerSub RuleConnection ClosedNetwork Traffic
DsPath To LocalPath ConversionSub RuleObject ModifiedAccess Success
Removing VPXD Managed Object ReferenceSub RuleObject ModifiedAccess Success
Operation Completed Or TimedoutSub RuleGeneral Operations EventOther Operations
Processing Potential Delta DiskSub RuleProcessing NotificationInformation
ResPoolConfigChange EventSub RuleEvent OccurredInformation
EventsRecorded EventSub RuleEvent OccurredInformation
Performing Local CopySub RuleCommand ExecutedAccess Success
Transferring FileSub RuleTransfer StartedNetwork Traffic
CopyOnlyDeltDisk Is FalseSub RuleConfiguration InformationInformation
Waiting For Concurrent Operation To FinishSub RuleRequest Still WaitingOther Operations
LicenseManagerChange EventSub RuleService Status ChangeOther Audit Success
VmConfigChange EventSub RuleService Status ChangeOther Audit Success
Rearrange LayoutExSub RuleVmware Esx Informational MessageInformation
Translate Datastore Managed Object ReferenceSub RuleVmware Esx Informational MessageInformation
AppHeartbeatChange EventSub RuleHeartbeat StatusInformation
VmHeartbeatChange EventSub RuleHeartbeat StatusInformation
HostChanged EventSub RuleHostChanged EventOther Audit Success
RuntimeChange EventSub RuleRuntimeChange EventOther Audit Success
VmGuestDiskChange EventSub RuleVmGuestDiskChange EventOther Audit Success
No Conversion For LocalpathSub RuleModify Object FailureAccess Failure

Mapping with LogRhythm Schema

Device Key in Log MessageLogRhythm SchemaData Type
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