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Vpxa App Messages

Vendor Documentation


Rule Name

Rule Type

Common Event

Vpxa App MessagesBase RuleGeneral InformationInformation
Loaded Filesystem SchemasSub RuleObject AccessedAccess Success
Set Internal StatsSub RuleObject Attribute ModifiedAccess Success
Could Not Translate Vpxd CounterSub RuleCould Not Translate Vpxd CounterWarning
TreeNode::Equal MessageSub RuleTreeNode::Equal MessageInformation
VmTreeNode::Equal MessageSub RuleVmTreeNode::Equal MessageInformation
Running ftExecuteSub RuleCommand ExecutedAccess Success
VpxaDatastore MessageSub RuleVpxaDatastore MessageInformation
HostChanged EventSub RuleHostChanged EventOther Audit Success
RuntimeChange EventSub RuleRuntimeChange EventOther Audit Success
VmGuestDiskChange EventSub RuleVmGuestDiskChange EventOther Audit Success
VmHeartbeatChange EventSub RuleVmHeartbeatChange EventOther Audit Success
Unexpected Return ResultSub RuleUnexpected Return ResultWarning
VpxaHalVmHostagent MessageSub RuleVpxaHalVmHostagent MessageOther Audit Success
Increment MasterSub RuleIncrement MasterInformation
VpxaInvtVmChangeListener MessageSub RuleVpxaInvtVmChangeListener MessageInformation
VpxaMoService MessageSub RuleVpxaMoService MessageInformation
Checking Node ResourcesSub RuleChecking Node ResourcesInformation
CheckThreshold MessageSub RuleCheckThreshold MessageInformation
Monitoring AAM HealthSub RuleMonitoring AAM HealthInformation
Command Returned SuccessfullySub RuleCommand ExecutedAccess Success
Task Percent DoneSub RuleTask Percent DoneInformation
Command To InvokeSub RuleCommand ExecutedAccess Success
Reloaded CacheSub RuleReloaded CacheInformation
Begin SessionSub RuleBegin SessionOther Audit Success
Finish SessionSub RuleFinish SessionOther Audit Success
Finish TaskSub RuleFinish TaskOther Audit Success
Begin TaskSub RuleBegin TaskInformation
Resolved Local PathSub RuleResolved Local PathOther Audit Success
Virtual Machine Not FoundSub RuleVmware Esx Error MessageError
Virtual Machine Not FoundSub RuleVmware Esx Error MessageError
VM Health Monitoring SuspendedSub RuleProcess/Service StoppedStartup and Shutdown
Virtual Machine RestartedSub RuleSystem RestartedStartup and Shutdown
Resolved Local PathSub RuleResolved Local PathOther Audit Success

Mapping with LogRhythm Schema

Device Key in Log MessageLogRhythm SchemaData TypeSchema Description
N/A<session>Number/Text/String Severity information
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