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V 2.0 : IP Logs

Vendor Documentation


Rule NameRule TypeCommon EventClassification
V 2.0 : IP LogsBase RuleGeneral Network TrafficNetwork Traffic

Mapping with LogRhythm Schema

Device Key in Log Message

LogRhythm Schema

Data Type

Schema Description

TimestampN/AN/AWhen this request was made in UTC. This is different than the Umbrella dashboard, which converts the time to your specified time zone.
Identities<object>Text/StringAll identities associated with this request.
Source IP<sip>IP AddressThe IP of the computer making the request.
Source Port<sport>NumberThe port the request was made on.
Destination IP<dip>IP AddressThe destination IP requested.
Destination Port


NumberThe destination port the request was made on.
Categories<subject>Text/StringThe security or content categories that the destination matches. For category definitions, see Understanding Security Categories and Understanding Content Categories.
Identity Types<objecttype>Text/StringThe type of identity that made the request. For example, Roaming Computer, Network, and so on. Available in version 3 and above.
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