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V 2.0 ACI Binding Event

Vendor Documentation


Rule NameRule TypeCommon EventClassification
V 2.0 ACI Binding EventBase RuleBinding CheckOther Audit Success
V 2.0 EVID 92001: ACI Binding CreatedSub RuleObject CreatedAccess Success
V 2.0 EVID 92002: ACI Binding UpdatedSub RuleObject ModifiedAccess Success
V 2.0 EVID 92003: ACI Binding DeletedSub RuleObject Deleted/RemovedAccess Success
V 2.0 EVID 92004: ISE Informed ACL Binding CreatedSub RuleGeneral Information Log MessageInformation
V 2.0 EVID 92005: ISE Informed ACL Binding UpdatedSub RuleGeneral Information Log MessageInformation
V 2.0 EVID 92006: ISE Informed ACL Binding DeletedSub RuleGeneral Information Log MessageInformation

Mapping with LogRhythm Schema

Device Key in Log MessageLogRhythm SchemaData TypeSchema Description
pri_numN/AN/APriority value of the message, a combination of the facility value and the severity value of the message. Priority value = (facility value * 8) + severity value.
The facility code valid options are:
LOCAL0 (Code = 16)
LOCAL1 (Code = 17)
LOCAL2 (Code = 18)
LOCAL3 (Code = 19)
LOCAL4 (Code = 20)
LOCAL5 (Code = 21)
LOCAL6 (Code = 22; default)
LOCAL7 (Code = 23)
timeN/AN/ADate of the message generation, according to the local clock of the originating Cisco ISE server, in the format Mmm DD hh:mm:ss.
IP address/hostnameN/AN/AIP address of the originating Cisco ISE node, or the hostname.
cat_name<vendorinfo>Text/StringLogging category name preceded by the CSCOxxx string.
msg_idN/AN/AUnique message ID; 1 to 4294967295. The message ID increases by 1 with each new message. Message IDs restart at 1 each time the application is restarted.
total_segN/AN/ATotal number of segments in a log message. Long messages are divided into more than one segment.
Note : The total_seg depends on the Maximum Length setting in the remote logging targets page. See Remote Logging Target Settings.
seg_numN/AN/ASegment sequence number within a message. Use this number to determine what segment of the message you are viewing.
timestampN/AN/ADate of the message generation, according to the local clock of the originating the Cisco ISE node, in the following format : YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss:xxx +/-zh:zm.
sequence_numN/AN/AGlobal counter of each message. If one message is sent to the local store and the next to the syslog server target, the counter increments by 2. Possible values are 0000000001 to 999999999.
NumberMessage code as defined in the logging categories.
msg_sev<severity>Text/StringMessage severity level of a log message.
msg_class<subject> Text/StringMessage class, which identifies groups of messages with the same context.
msg_text<action> Text/StringEnglish language descriptive text message.
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