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Trend Micro Mail Tracking Event

Vendor Documentation


Rule NameRule TypeClassificationCommon Event
Trend Micro Mail Tracking EventBase RuleInformationGeneral Tracking Log
TRACKING - BouncedSub RuleWarningEmail Message Bounced
TRACKING - Delivery ErrorSub RuleErrorEmail Delivery Internal Error
TRACKING - DeletedSub RuleInformationEmail Deleted
TRACKING - DeliveredSub RuleInformationEmail Delivered
TRACKING - ExpiredSub RuleInformationEmail Message Expired
TRACKING - QuarantinedSub RuleFailed ActivityQuarantined Message
TRACKING - RedirectedSub RuleInformationEmail Message Redirected

Mapping with LogRhythm Schema

Device Key in Log Message

LogRhythm Schema

Data Type

Schema Description

logVerN/AN/ACEF format version
vendorN/AN/AAppliance vendor
pnameN/AN/AAppliance product
pverN/AN/AAppliance version
eventidN/AN/ASignature ID
severity<severity> NumberEmail severity
rtN/AN/ALog generation time
suser<sender>Text/StringEmail sender
duser<recipient>Text/StringEmail recipients
msg <subject>Text/StringEmail subject
src<sip>IP AddressSource IP address
deviceTranslatedAddressN/AN/ARelay MTA IP address
cs1LabelN/AN/AInternal email message ID's label
cs1N/AN/AInternal email message ID
cs2LabelN/AN/AEmail message direction's label
cs2N/AN/AEmail message direction
cs3LabelN/AN/AUnique message identifier's label
cs3N/AN/AUnique message identifier
cs4LabelN/AN/AEmail attachments Label
Text/StringEmail attachments
cn1LabelN/AN/AEmail message size's label
cn1<size>NumberEmail message size

Action on an email message

Possible entries:

  • Bounced
  • Temporary delivery error
  • Deleted
  • Delivered
  • Expired
  • Quarantined
  • Redirected
  • Submitted to sandbox
  • Password analyzing
cs5LabelN/AN/ATLS information's label
cs5N/AN/ATLS information
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