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Pattern 8 : PIX Tunnel


Rule NameRule TypeCommon EventClassification
Pattern 8 : PIX TunnelBase RuleGeneral Firewall LogNetwork Traffic
PIX-3-316001 : Denied New TunnelSub RuleDenied New VPN Tunnel - Peer Limit ExceededWarning
PIX-4-403505 : Unable to Set Default RouteSub RuleUnable to Set Default RouteWarning
PIX-4-403506 : Failed to Assign PPPSub RuleFailed to Assign PPPWarning
PIX-X-718081 : Failed to Delete Crypto PolicySub RuleFailed to Delete Crypto PolicyError
PIX-X-718080 : Failed to Create Crypto PolicySub RuleFailed to Create Crypto PolicyError
PIX-X-718079 : Failed to Delete Crypto GroupSub RuleFailed to Delete Crypto GroupError
PIX-X-718078 : Failed to Create Crypto GroupSub RuleFailed to Create Crypto GroupError
PIX-X-718077 : Failed to Delete Tunnel GroupSub RuleFailed to Delete Tunnel GroupError
PIX-X-718076 : Failed to Create Tunnel GroupSub RuleFailed to Create Tunnel GroupError
PIX-X-718075 : Peer Access List Not SetSub RulePeer ACL Not SetWarning
PIX-X-718067 : Cannot Delete Secondary AddressSub RuleCannot Delete Secondary AddressWarning
PIX-X-718066 : Cannot Add Secondary AddressSub RuleCannot Add Secondary AddressWarning
PIX-X-718051 : Secure Tunnel DeletedSub RuleSecure Tunnel DeletedInformation
PIX-X-718050 : IPSEC FailureSub RuleGeneral IPSEC ErrorError
PIX-X-718048 : IPSEC FailureSub RuleGeneral IPSEC ErrorError
PIX-X-718045 : Created PeerSub RuleCreated PeerInformation
PIX-X-718044 : Deleted PeerSub RuleDeleted PeerInformation
PIX-X-718043 : Updating Duplicate Peer EntrySub RuleUpdating Duplicate PeerInformation
PIX-X-718042 : Unable to ARPSub RuleARP FailureError
PIX-X-718033 : Failed to Send Topology IndicatorSub RuleFailed to Send TopologyError
PIX-X-718028 : Failed to Send OOS IndicatorSub RuleGeneral OOS WarningWarning
PIX-X-718024 : Configuration Update FailureSub RuleFailed ConfigurationOther Audit Failure
PIX-X-718014 : Master Peer Not Answering HelloSub RuleGeneral Hello WarningWarning
PIX-X-718013 : Peer Not Answering HelloSub RuleGeneral Hello MessageInformation
PIX-X-718012 : Sent Hello RequestSub RuleGeneral Hello MessageInformation
PIX-X-718011 : Failed to Send Hello RequestSub RuleGeneral Hello MessageInformation
PIX-X-718010 : Sent Hello ResponseSub RuleGeneral Hello MessageInformation
PIX-X-718009 : Failed to Send Hello ResponseSub RuleGeneral Hello MessageInformation
PIX-X-718005 : Failed to Send PacketSub RuleFailed to Send PacketNetwork Traffic
PIX-X-414001 : Failed to Save Logging BufferSub RuleFailed to Save Logging BufferError

Mapping with LogRhythm Schema  

Device Key in Log MessageLogRhythm SchemaData Type

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