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Pattern 5 : Hostd Messages

Vendor Documentation


Rule Name

Rule Type

Common Event

Pattern 5 : Hostd MessagesBase RuleGeneral InformationInformation
Hostd : RebootSub RuleSystem RestartedStartup and Shutdown
Hostd : Mount State Values Have ChangedSub RuleObject ModifiedAccess Success
Hostd : This Product Has ExpiredSub RuleLicense ExpiredCritical
Hostd : ResultSub RuleResults ReturnedInformation
Hostd : Established A ConnectionSub RuleConnection EstablishedNetwork Traffic
Hostd : SuspendedSub RuleSystem SuspendedError
Hostd : Client Closed ConnectionSub RuleClient Connection ClosedOther Audit Success
Hostd : Deprecated Pam_Stack Module CalledSub RuleDeprecated Pam_Stack Module CalledWarning
Hostd : Disconnect Check In ProgressSub RuleDisconnect Check In ProgressInformation
Hostd : EnvironmentbrowserSub RuleGeneral Environmentbrowser InformationInformation
Hostd : Timedasyncread Failed: Operation Timed OutSub RuleFailed OperationWarning
Hostd : Failed To Validate Vm Ip AddressSub RuleFailed OperationWarning
Hostd : Fail To Snd Rsp To The Client: Broken PipeSub RuleFailed OperationWarning
Hostd : Failed To Power OnSub RuleFailed OperationWarning
Hostd : Failed To Find Activation RecordSub RuleFailed OperationWarning
Hostd : Failed To Do Power OpSub RuleFailed OperationWarning
Hostd : Failed OperationSub RuleFailed OperationWarning
Hostd : Invoke DoneSub RuleInvoke DoneInformation
Hostd : Mount Vm Completion For VmSub RuleMount Vm CompleteInformation
Hostd : Mount Vm CompleteSub RuleMount Vm CompleteInformation
Hostd : Mounting Virtual Machine Paths On ConnSub RuleMounting Virtual Machine Paths On ConnectionInformation
Hostd : Received A Dup Transition From FoundrySub RuleReceived A Duplicate Transition From FoundryInformation
Hostd : Remote End Sent PidSub RuleRemote End Sent PidInformation
Hostd : ResumedSub RuleSystem ResumedOther Audit Success
Hostd : SocketSub RuleGeneral Socket InformationInformation
Hostd : Ssl Handshake On Client Connection FailedSub RuleSsl Handshake On Client Connection FailureWarning
Hostd : To Poweron With Option SoftSub RulePoweron With Option SoftInformation
Hostd : Unmounting Vm CompleteSub RuleUnmounting Virtual MachineInformation
Hostd : Unmounting The Vm:Sub RuleUnmounting Virtual MachineInformation
Hostd : User Logged Event: Remote Console OnSub RuleConsole ConnectionOther Audit Success
Hostd : User Logged EventSub RuleGeneral User Logged EventInformation
Hostd : Vmdb_Setcurrentpath FailedSub RuleSet Current Path FailedWarning
Hostd : Vmkernel_ForkexecSub RuleCommand ExecutedAccess Success
Hostd : Vmhs: ExecSub RuleCommand ExecutedAccess Success
Hostd : Vmodl.Fault.RequestcanceledSub RuleCommand CanceledOther Audit Success
Hostd : Vmx Status Has Been Set For VmSub RuleStatus For Virtual Machine SetInformation
Hostd : Open SuccessfulSub RuleObject AccessedAccess Success
Hostd : Reloading Config StateSub RuleConfiguration Loaded : SystemConfiguration

Mapping with LogRhythm Schema

Device Key in Log MessageLogRhythm SchemaData Type
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