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Pattern 22 : Traffic


Rule NameRule TypeCommon EventClassification
Pattern 22 : TrafficBase RuleNetwork TrafficNetwork Traffic
ASA-5-713904 : IPSec SA Proposals UnacceptableSub RuleIPSec Proxy MismatchWarning
ASA-5-713050 : Connection Terminated By PeerSub RuleConnection ClosedNetwork Traffic
ASA-5-713050 : Connection Terminated - TimeoutSub RuleUser Session TimeoutInformation
ASA-3-713902 : Remove Peer From Peer Table FailedSub RuleFailed To Be Removed From ListError
ASA-4-713903 : Unable To Remove PeerTblEntrySub RuleFailure To Remove ResourceError
ASA-5-713050 : Administrator ResetSub RuleConnection ClosedNetwork Traffic
ASA-3-713902 : Remove Peer From Table FailedSub RuleFailed To Be Removed From ListError
ASA-3-713902 : No FSM Instance ExistsSub RuleMissing InitializationError
ASA-3-713902 : QM FSM ErrorSub RuleGeneral VPN ErrorError
ASA-4-713903 : Information Exchange Process FailedSub RulePayload Processing ErrorError
ASA-4-713903 : Header InvalidSub RuleInvalid HeaderWarning
ASA-5-713904 : Dropping MessageSub RuleMessage DroppedInformation
ASA-3-713902 : Configuration ErrorSub RuleConfiguration ErrorError
ASA-4-713903 : Unexpected WarningSub RuleAn Unexpected State Or Event OccurredWarning

Mapping with LogRhythm Schema  

Device Key in Log MessageLogRhythm SchemaData Type
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