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Pattern 2 : PIX Authentications


Rule NameRule TypeCommon EventClassification
Pattern 2 : PIX AuthenticationsBase RuleAuthentication ActivityAuthentication Success
PIX-X-719023 : User Not Successfully AuthenticatedSub RuleAccess Object FailureAccess Failure
PIX-X-719022 : User Has Been AuthenticatedSub RuleUser LogonAuthentication Success
PIX-X-719021 : User Is Not Checked Against ACLSub RuleReconnaissance ActivityReconnaissance
PIX-X-719020 : Authorization CompletedSub RuleAccess Granted ActivityAccess Granted
PIX-X-719019 : Authorization FailedSub RuleAuthentication Failure ActivityAuthentication Failure
PIX-X-719018 : ACL ID Not FoundSub RuleACL Not FoundError
PIX-X-719017 : Invalid Dynamic ACLSub RuleReconnaissance ActivityReconnaissance
PIX-X-716023 : Session Could Not Be EstablishedSub RuleSession ErrorError
PIX-X-713198 : User Authorization FailedSub RuleUser Logon FailureAuthentication Failure
PIX-X-611103 : User Logged OutSub RuleUser LogoffAuthentication Success
PIX-X-611102 : User Authentication FailedSub RuleAuthentication Failure ActivityAuthentication Failure
PIX-X-611101 : User Authentication SucceededSub RuleUser LogonAuthentication Success
PIX-X-113018 : Unsupported Downloaded ACLSub RuleUnsupported ACLWarning
PIX-X-113017 : AAA Credentials RejectedSub RuleUser Logon FailureAuthentication Failure
PIX-X-113015 : AAA User Authentication RejectedSub RuleAuthentication Failure ActivityAuthentication Failure
PIX-X-113013 : AAA Unable to Complete the RequestSub RuleFailed to Complete RequestError
PIX-X-113012 : AAA User Authentication SuccessfulSub RuleUser LogonAuthentication Success
PIX-X-113011 : AAA Retrieved Group PolicySub RuleUser Policy RetrievedOther Audit
PIX-X-113010 : AAA Challenge Received for UserSub RuleAuthentication ActivityAuthentication Success
PIX-X-113009 : AAA Retrieved Default Group PolicySub RuleGroup Policy RetrievedOther Audit Success
PIX-X-113008 : AAA Transaction Status ACCEPTSub RuleTransaction AcceptedOther Audit Success
PIX-X-113007 : User Unlocked by AdministratorSub RuleAccount UnlockedAccess Granted
PIX-X-113006 : User Locked OutSub RuleAccount LockedAccess Revoked
PIX-X-113003 : AAA Group Policy Being SetSub RulePolicy Enabled : DomainPolicy
PIX-X-111009 : User ExecutedSub RuleCommand ExecutedAccess Success
PIX-X-111008 : User Executed the CommandSub RuleCommand ExecutedAccess Success
PIX-X-109016 : Cant Find Authorization ACLSub RuleReconnaissance ActivityReconnaissance
PIX-X-109012 : Auth Session EndSub RuleAuthentication ActivityAuthentication Success
PIX-X-109011 : Auth Session StartSub RuleAuthentication ActivityAuthentication Success
Attempt To Send IKE Packet from Standby UnitSub RuleAttempt to Send IKE Packet from Standby UnitInformation
PIX-X-113005 : Authentication FailureSub RuleAuthentication Failure ActivityAuthentication Failure
PIX-X-113004 : Authentication SuccessSub RuleUser LogonAuthentication Success
ASA-X-111008 : ShunSub RuleTraffic Denied by Network FirewallNetwork Deny
ASA-X-111008 : No ShunSub RuleTraffic Allowed by Network FirewallNetwork Allow

Mapping with LogRhythm Schema  

Device Key in Log MessageLogRhythm SchemaData Type

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