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EVID 430005: File Malware Event


Rule Name

Rule Type

Common Event


EVID 430005: File Malware EventBase Rule

General Threat Message


Mapping with LogRhythm Schema

Device Key in Log Message

LogRhythm Schema

Data Type

N/A <vmid>Number
SrcIP <sip>Number
DstIP <dip>Number
SrcPort <sport>Number
DstPort <dport>Number
Protocol <protname>Text/Number
FileAction <action>Text/Number
FileSHA256 <hash>Text/Number
SperoDisposition <subject>Text/Number
ThreatName <threatname>Text/Number
FileName <objectname>Text/Number
FileType <objecttype>Text/Number
FileSize <size>Number
ApplicationProtocol <command>Text/Number
user <login>Text/Number
FilePolicy <policy>Text/Number
URI <url>Text/Number
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