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EVID 430002/430003: Connection Event Messages


Rule Name

Rule Type

Common Event


Connection BlockedSub RuleFailed To Send PacketNetwork Traffic
EVID 430002/430003: Connection Event MessagesBase RuleConnection InformationInformation
Connection TrustedSub RulePermitted ConnectionNetwork Traffic
Traffic BypassedSub RulePassing Through ConnectionsOther Operations
Connection Blocked With ResetSub RuleConnection ResetNetwork Traffic
Connection AllowedSub RuleTraffic Allowed by Network FirewallNetwork Allow

Mapping with LogRhythm Schema

Device Key in Log Message

LogRhythm Schema

Data Type

N/A <vmid>Number
AccessControlRuleAction <tag1>Text/String
SrcIP <sip>Number
DstIP <dip>Number
SrcPort <sport>Number
DstPort <dport>Number
Protocol <protname>Text/String
IngressInterface <sinterface>Text/String
EgressInterface <dinterface>Text/String
ACPolicy <policy>Text/String
N/A <subject>Text/String
N/A <login>Text/String
N/A <useragent>Text/String
N/A <objectname>Text/String
N/A <object>Text/String
N/A <duration>Number
InitiatorPackets <packetsout>Number
ResponderPackets <packetsin>Number
InitiatorBytes <bytesout>Number
ResponderBytes <bytesin>Number
N/A <objecttype>Text/String
N/A <url>Text/String
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