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Catch-All Events

Vendor Documentation


Rule NameRule TypeClassificationCommon Event
Catch-All EventsBase RuleInformationGeneral Information Log Message
System Maintenance EventSub RuleInformationGeneral Maintenance Information
System Errors EventSub RuleErrorGeneral System Error
Blocked Web Sites EventSub RuleFailed ActivityBlocked Message
Blocked Java EventSub RuleFailed ActivityBlocked Message
Dropped UDP EventSub RuleInformationMessage Dropped
Dropped ICMP EventSub RuleInformationMessage Dropped
Dropped LAN TCP EventSub RuleInformationMessage Dropped
Dropped LAN UDP EventSub RuleInformationMessage Dropped
Dropped LAN ICMP EventSub RuleInformationMessage Dropped
Modem Debug EventSub RuleInformationGeneral Modem Information
VPN Tunnel Status EventSub RuleInformationVPN Session Information
802.11 Management EventSub RuleInformation802.11b Management
System Environment EventSub RuleInformationEnvironmental Info Msg
Expanded - VOIP ActivitySub RuleInformationGeneral VOIP Message
Expanded - WLAN IDS ActivitySub RuleActivityIDS Event
Expanded - SonicPoint ActivitySub RuleInformationSonicPoint Status

Mapping with LogRhythm Schema

Device Key in Log Message

LogRhthm Schema

Data Type

Schema Description

sn<serialnumber>NumberIndicates the device serial number
timeN/AN/AReports the time of event
fwN/AN/AIndicates the WAN IP Address
pri<severity>NumberDisplays the event priority level (0=emergency, 7=debug)
NumberIndicates the legacy category number (Note: SonicOS/X does not currently send new category information)
gcatN/AN/ADisplay event group category when using Enhanced Syslog
mN/AN/AProvides the message ID number
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