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HA Physical Configuration

The physical configuration of your HA appliances will differ from a stand-alone installation.

Each of the nodes requires two physical connections. One connection goes to the public network (Production LAN), and the second connection goes to a private network (Management LAN).

Use NIC1 on the appliance to connect to the public network because the HA software is bound to the physical MAC address. If you must select another NIC, contact LogRhythm Support to re-issue an updated license.

The second connection should be on a separate physical and logical network that allows one node in the cluster to communicate with the other node. To facilitate this, an orange crossover cable is included with your HA appliance for single-site deployments. For more information, see Dual-Site Deployment Requirements.

Use the crossover cable to connect NIC4 on the primary system with NIC4 on the secondary system.

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