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Upgrade Amazon Corretto Java

In certain situations, a software scan may determine that a vulnerability can be solved by updating your version of Amazon Corretto Java.

To update Amazon Corretto:

  1. Verify the current version of Java by running the following command:

    java -version

Make note of the version before updating so that a successful update can be verified later.

  1. Download the latest version of Java 8 Linux x64 JDK RPM from Amazon at the following link:

  2. Save this file to the /home/logrhythm/ directory using WinSCP or a similar tool.

  3. Stop Data Indexer services using the following command:

    sudo sh /usr/local/logrhythm/tools/
  4. Install the updated Corretto version using yum as a local install:

    cd /home/logrhythm
    sudo yum localinstall java-1.8.0-amazon-corretto-xxx.rpm

    Yum will ask to validate dependencies and whether to proceed with the installation.

  5. Input Y and then press Enter to proceed.
    The installation completes successfully.

  6. Verify the updated Java version using the following command:

    java -version
  7. Restart all Data Indexer services using the following command:

    sudo sh /usr/local/logrhythm/tools/

The version of Java released with the Data Indexer by default is the version upon which LogRhythm has performed full testing and validation. Versions outside of the release version (i.e., any version downloaded using the steps in this guide) should be compatible with the Data Indexer, but this is not guaranteed.

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