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Axon 2022.10.03 Release Notes

The Firefox ESR browser is not currently supported by Axon.

New Features

Axon's initial feature offering includes:

Security RoleFeatureBenefits
AnalystWorkflowsGuided and intuitive workflows make your tasks simpler to accomplish, and learning the product takes significantly less time than other security solutions.
Dashboards and reportsVisualizations and reports enable you to share threat hunting information with organizations outside the SOC.
Search and investigation

Highly searchable data eases the process for investigation so you can find potential threats.

AdministratorLog collection

Easy onboarding of on-prem and cloud log sources make it easier for you to quickly ingest all your data.

Log processing

Log data is normalized and classified into the LogRhythm patented MDI format to uniquely improve searchability and analysis across disparate log sources.

Log enrichmentData is enriched with information on geolocation and DNS look ups.
LicensingAxon licensing uses storage rather than ingestion, making budgeting more predictable and simpler than typical SaaS rivals.

Resolved Issues from Early Access Program

Bug IDSalesforce Case IDRelease Notes
DE15054N/AThe search results graph no longer distorts in certain situations when performing short-term searches.

Content can now be created even when the version number is missing in the request body.

DE15762446001Invalid suggestions are no longer presented in certain situations when attempting to modify a saved search.
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