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Add a Collector

This guide is intended to provide generic steps for configuring collectors. For specific steps to configure third-party portals and the collectors for those third parties, refer to Collector Configuration Guides.

Only Administrators can take this action.

  1. In the lower-left corner of the main screen, click the Administration cog.
    The Administration menu appears on the left side.
  2. Under Integrations, click Collectors.
    The Collectors page appears.
  3. In the upper-right corner, click + Add Collector.
    The Add Collector Wizard appears.
  4. Select the collector type from the list on the left side.
    The selected collector type is framed with a blue border. Displayed on the right side is a list of log source types associated with the selected collector type.

  5. Click Configure.
  6. In the Basic Information section, enter a collector name.

    Each collector within your environment must have a unique name.

  7. (Optional) Enter a description for the collector.
  8. In the Configuration Details section, enter values in the required fields for the collector, as applicable.

    Configuration instructions for each unique collector type are provided in the collector configuration guides below this topic.

  9. Click Connect.
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