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Import Docker Images for an Offline Installation of Open Collector and Beats

The Open Collector offline installation is intended for use when internet access is limited or unavailable. If your Open Collector host has internet access, please see Open Collector Installation and User Guide for setup instructions.


  1. Docker should be installed on the Virtual Machine.

    For more information on installing Docker, see Install Docker Engine on CentOS.

  2. A logrhythm user should be  added to the docker user group.

    sudo usermod -a -G docker logrhythm

    Make sure to log off and log in after adding the logrhythm  user to the docker user group.

Install the Open Collector

  1. Log in to Community to download the Open Collector Offline Installer, and copy the downloaded files to the Virtual Machine. 

  2. Extract the .tar file using the following command in a directory:

    tar -xvf OpenCollector<version>.tar.gz
  3. Execute the following shell script:


    If docker is not already available on the machine, then the script will prompt the following message:

    Press 'y' if you want Docker to be installed with the help of this script. After a successful Docker installation, the logrhythm user should be added to the docker user group.

    sudo usermod -a -G docker logrhythm

    Once this has been completed, re-execute step 3.

  4. Navigate to the newly created ocbeats directory:

    cd ocbeats/
  5.  Make sure that both the lrctl  and versions.yml  files are in this directory.

Continue with configuring Open Collector as normal following the steps outlined at Configure the Open Collector.  Then the individual Beat can be configured with existing commands that mention versions.yml explicitly.

Make sure to use the  -V  flag with the ./lrctl script while working with Open Collector, Metrics, and Beats.

See the examples below:

./lrctl -V versions.yml oc start

./lrctl -V versions.yml <beatname> start

./lrctl -V versions.yml oc config edit
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